TAG School in Far Rockaway: No Unvaccinated Students Allowed Entry



  1. There might be a legal issue with this letter back in 2015 Hebrew academy of nassau county was sued over such a Policy and was forced to to change it

  2. This is great news. With all these schools barring unvaccinated students from entering, this will, in effect, end the schooling crisis we’ve been reading about. Baruch Hashem every Yeshiva and school will now have so many empty slots. School overcrowding will now be a thing of the past. Baruch Hashem! Hodu Lashem! This is truly a tremendous yeshua for Kllal Yisroel. We see the unbelievable hashgacha pratis.

  3. Dear anti vaxers,

    I actually can hear that there is what to examine more closely, but hard to listen to people who believe in UFOs and think 9/11 was a set up

    • Dear Brilliant Vaxxer,
      Since you’re so brilliant, can you explain what those flying object are? And can you explain with your brilliance how aluminum planes can smash into steel building bringing 2 steel 110 floors buildings to burn down to dust in less 2 hours? And how people called from an airplane in 2001 when you couldn’t even make phone calls from an airplane yet?


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