Syrians Capture Israeli Weather Measurement Device, Fearing Espionage


israel-weather-deviceSyrian opposition websites posted video of an “Israeli espionage device,” which in actuality is a device used for atmospheric measurements by the Israel Meteorological Service.

Nir Stav, Deputy Director of the Meteorological Service, explained, “We release meteorological balloons twice a day, every day. Every helium balloon is attached to a box, in which there is a thermometer, pressure gauge, and moisture gauge.”

The Transportation Ministry, which oversees the meteorological service, added, “It is a tool designed for regular weather tests,” and other countries perform such testing procedures as well.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Everything Israel makes (bird tags, meteorlological packages) is for spying.

    Everything the Arabs/Iranians make (rockets, chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, suicide bombs) is for peaceful puposes.

    Makes sense.


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