Syria Has Missiles Trained On Strategic Facilities In Israel


syrian-foreign-minister-walid-al-muallemDamascus will have nothing to lose if it is attacked and will not hesitate to strike Israel, a source close to Syrian President Bashar Assad was quoted by the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai as saying on Wednesday. According to the reports, Syria has its Scud, M-600 and Yakhont missiles trained on Israel, and the Syrian military has already been instructed to launch “an intensive response” to any U.S. strike.

“The Scud missiles used by Saddam Hussein crossed thousands of kilometers until they hit Israel. The Syrian missiles only have 50 kilometers to cross before hitting the most strategic facilities in Israel,” the source said. According to the report, “The Damascus regime has nothing to lose and it will launch an intensive respond if it is attacked.”

Hezbollah also threatened to strike Israel should Syria come under attack. Lebanese media quoted a senior, unnamed official in the Shiite terror group as saying that Hezbollah operatives had been placed on high alert and that the organization was gearing up for a possible armed conflict with Israel.

“Hezbollah will not be able to sit idly by and see how aggressive attempts are made to topple Syria’s legitimate government,” the official said.

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