NYC: Donated Muni-Meter Receipts Help People Get Out Of Parking Tickets


gemach-receiptsBrooklyn, NY – A Brooklyn lumber store is collecting used Muni-Meter receipts from customers in a cardboard box above its checkout counter in a new scam to help scofflaws trick the cash-strapped city.

Drivers who have been slapped with parking tickets on the streets close to the Brooklyn store can search for matching receipts donated by other drivers. Those lucky enough to find one with the same block and time can then use it to challenge their ticket, falsely asserting that the traffic agent failed to see that they had actually purchased the required meter receipt.

Read more at the NY Daily News.

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  1. Don’t know if this is the right thing to do ,but I do know that the whole muni meter was put into place to squeeze as much money as possible out of us
    Nobody can ever use the remainder of a quarter anymore , nobody can ever add time it’s a whole new ticket that needed resulting in another quarter for the city.
    The fact that one quarter only gets you 15 minutes is very unfair
    , what’s even worse is tgst you have a one hour limit , also in order to ticket people , one hour while shopping is nothing people get wrapped up in their bussiness and totally forget or are parked far away from all the stores so they get their late. If the city would be fair to us many more would respect the system

  2. Wow, I’m all for it. I’ll ask my boss to start this program in our store
    These “meter maids” lol have to be eliminated from their disgusting job! They are part of what makes NY just like Sedom! This “cotcha” mentality that wicked Bl$$mbag has created in this once great City, is a public disgrace! A expired parking reciept, doesn’t represent any danger to anyone! Its not like blocking a hydrant. If I become Mayor, I would eliminate all parking meters in Brooklyn & Queens, making it visitor friendly!

  3. This is outright lying and theft. Why give more people the idea ? Its one thing not to like the city, or paying a ticket, but this is way over the top.

  4. maybe when customers provide them they have remaining time on the tickets and they are providing those tickets only to share that remaining time with other parkers.

    The fact that there are older tickets in the box may be because no one cleans it out…. lets be dan lekaf zechus? The NY times ran an article about the legitimacy of selling or giving away leftover time last May.

  5. Now that the press picked this up, the city will ‘mestoomeh’ not accept these reciepts as proof for any new yorker.

    Great G’mach.
    Great job.

  6. this is a g’mach? gmach stands for gemilas chasadim. this is not a gmach – this is shameful and outright gnaiva. if you don’t want to pay for a parking spot don’t park in one. if you get a parking ticket – pay your fine.

  7. …and no one at Matzav sees this as a chilul shem shamayim? Does someone think that this is what Hashem wants from us?

    For shame, for shame!

  8. “in a new scam to help scofflaws trick the cash-strapped city”

    Very nice! another “hit & run” put down hit piece
    Just like gutta mentchen that used to put quaters in random expired meters

  9. this scam is the oldest easiest trick anyone who gets a ticket waits for the next person who paid for parking on that block to enter his car and asks him for his ticket duhhhhh

  10. The comments that speak positively about this scam are an embarrassment to kvod shamayim. Asidim litein din v’cheshbon… or perhaps you’ll get someone else’s Muni receipt for that too?

  11. it is really the government, under Mayor Bloomberg ymach shmo who are the theives, not the desperate drivers looking for parking space. Bloomberg has turned this city into a communistic regime. Somebody ought to take action against him.


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