Swedish Politician: Mossad Trained IS To Kill Muslims


adrian-kabaA local politician with Sweden’s ruling party said that Israel trained the jihadist ISIS group to wage war on Muslims.

Adrian Kaba, who represents Sweden’s Social Democrats in Malmo’s city council, made the statement this summer during a discussion on Facebook, the Sydsvenskan newspaper reported on Thursday. Reacting to the report, the chairman of the party’s regional branch, Joakim Sandell, said, “An elected official should not be spreading conspiracy theories.”

In his Facebook post, Kaba wrote on July 21: “ISIS is being trained by the Israeli Mossad. Muslims are not waging war, they are being used as pawns by other peoples’ game.”

Sandell said the party intends to deal with the issue internally, but did not elaborate.

Initially, Kaba argued he did not endorse the statement but merely forwarded it “because the main thing is to keep a debate going,” Sydsvenskan reported. But he later apologized for the remark, adding: “I now realize that I made a mistake. If there is evidence that this is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, then I reject it unreservedly.”

In 2012, Kaba used the term “Jew-European extreme right-wing conspiracy” in an editorial in the Socialist newspaper Tro & Politik, according to Sydsvenskan.

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  1. This man is now dead to humanity.

    Sweeden is the new nazi germany.

    Do not look back.

    Leave Malmo and go to heaven.

    Gist is that the Swedes who lead fights in the 39 years war are again on the war path.

    I suspect violence will follow.

    Condemn, condemn, condemn.

    The words will be from heaven.

    Never again.

  2. Finally.
    We can all rest easy now.
    The world silence was deafening. Muslims slaughtering their own, & nothing, not a peep. (Except of course that some Jews legally bought apartments in an arab hood.)
    Now that the *experts* tell us that it’s the JEWS that are behind it, all may now wake up & condemn.
    And condemn we must. Just as all condemned those stubborn Jews who had the chutzpa to use the Iron Dome to defend themselves against the thousands of missiles shot at them.
    CONDEMN! Why can’t they just turn over and die already? CONDEMN!
    Please oh *experts*, explain to us how the Jews are responsible for the carnage in Syria. Over a hundred thousand killed by Assad, & no one yet to blame the Jews?
    How about the killing in Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan…
    Is there ONE country in the world that has muslims that aren’t killing each other out?
    Those Jews.

  3. What kind of crazy ingredients are the Swedes putting in their meatballs these days?

    Unfortunately, the “Big Lie” approach seems to play effectively in Sweden.


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