Swastika Carved Into Boro Park Hatzolah Ambulance


bp-hatzolahAn ambulance driver made a disturbing discovery when he pulled into the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn. A swastika was keyed into the side of a Hatzolah ambulance, while on a volunteer call in Flatbush. The driver reported the incident to police right away.

“It’s unfortunate. It’s sad,” said the driver, who did not want to be identified. “An ambulance is there to help the public and the community. I am very upset about it,” said Dr. Chaim Gitelis, who heard the news inside the hospital and couldn’t believe it.

A hospital spokesperson tells PIX11 News, “Maimonides Medical Center denounces this act of vandalism. We commend Hatzolah Volunteers for the life-saving work they do every day — for any and all residents, regardless of race, creed or color.”

“I hope whoever did this will be caught and reprimanded. There is no reason for hate,” said Dr. Gitelis, as the ambulance pulled away to another call.

{WPIX/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Im sorry to put it so crudely but the swastika left in our hearts by that rosha Levy Aaron (I cant stand calling him by those names)
    if far more profund and painful than some idiot in Boro Park painting graffiti of very bad taste.


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