Suspected Attack Foiled At Eliyahu Crossing, Assailant Killed


stabbingA female carrying a suicide letter tried to commit a stabbing attack at the Eliyahu crossing near Alfei Menashe in the West Bank Monday morning and was killed on the scene by security forces.

Authorities also began looking for a second suspect who may have fled the scene.


A Defense Minsitry spokeswoman said the female attacker came on foot to the crossing located near Alfei Menashe in the West Bank. Security guards there noticed her from afar and ordered her to stop, but she continued moving forward.

They then fired a warning shot in the air. According to the spokesperson, she then pulled a knife from her bag and the guards shot at her. She was declared dead at the scene and the suicide note was found on her person.

Six Israelis were wounded in similar attacks on Sunday including an incident in which a resident of the settlement of Emmanuel came to the same crossing after having being stabbed in the stomach by two attackers.

{ Israel}


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