Suspect Turns Himself In for ‘Firing Shots at NYC High-Rise’


A suspect has turned himself in to police in connection with gunshots that were fired at luxury apartments in a Manhattan high-rise from across the East River, sources told the New York Post.

Residents said they feared for their lives after shots were fired through windows on both Friday night and Motzoei Shabbos last week.

The suspect, identified by cops as Joshua Stevens, reportedly confessed Thursday night. “I’m petrified for my life,” said resident Ilene Epstein, 55, following the incidents. “I moved into this apartment because of the river. I have beautiful views… I’ll move out of my building before I walk around with a bulletproof vest.” Read more at the New York Post.



  1. It’s interesting he fired on Friday night and shabbos. I wonder how many secular Jews lived there who were mechalel shabbos. No shabbos No peace.

  2. “Both Friday night and motzai shabbos”
    That’s how the NY Post reported it?
    The Post wrote “Motzai Shabbos”?


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