Suspect In 2017 Paris Killing Of Sarah Halimi Deemed Unfit For Trial


Psychiatrists have concluded that the suspect in the 2017 Paris slaying of a Jewish woman is not fit to stand trial due to diminished mental capacity at the time of the killing, French media reported Tuesday.

Kobili Traore is alleged to have beaten his neighbor, 66-year-old Sarah Halimi, to death while calling her a demon and shouting about Allah, before throwing her body from the window of her third-story apartment.

According to reports on Tuesday, a third assessment of Traore found he did not suffer from mental illness, but that he could not be held responsible for his actions at the time of Halimi’s murder as he was in a state of “acute delirium.” It has been reported in the past that Traore was under the influence of strong cannabinoid drugs at the time of the incident.


Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. I will never ever forget this horrific story! When you look at the details and how long it took for the police to act thus allowing this monster to murder her and do what he did to her…… it only makes you hope that her family; which she hopefully has would atleast sue the police department. Gross negligence on their part. The fear of racial profiling, or discriminating against the “peaceful muslims”…


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