Susan Rice: Pre-Emptive War With North Korea Would Be ‘Catastrophic’


Former national security adviser Susan Rice said Thursday the United States should rule out a pre-emptive strike on North Korea, casting President Donald Trump’s “fire and fury” comments as dangerous.

“A pre-emptive war, if one were actually thinking of executing that, would be catastrophic,” Rice said on CNN’s “Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.”

“The core of what President Trump said today, discounting for the rhetoric, was if North Korea were to attack the United States, and obviously Guam is part of the United States, we would respond with the full force of our capabilities,” Rice said. “That’s common sense. That’s deterrence. And that’s the appropriate approach.”

“We just can’t react to every statement or verbal provocation,” Rice said. Read more at CNN.



  1. CNN why are you lying again? Why are you screwing the news? It’s North Korea who has warned of a preemptive nuclear attack on the US. Do you see why your rating have gone down to less than 600,000 viewers, including those who must view your fake news at airports and hotels. Do you see why the world views you as fake news?

    White House Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka blamed former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama for the rise of North Korea, and said the U.S. is now “paying the price of that appeasement of Pyongyang.”

    Obama national security adviser Susan Rice said Thursday that the U.S. has consistently failed to curtail North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, even during the Obama era.

    “You can call it a failure,” Rice told CNN. “I accept that characterization of the efforts of the United States over the last two decades.”

  2. Keep in mind, Susan was the first one to come out and make public statements, claiming, the slaughter of 4 Americans in Benghazi was all because of “backlash” in the Muslim community, after a white man was planning on putting out an amateurish video which was “insensitive” to Muslims. SHE started that whole package of lies! Hillary followed, like the good call-girl that she is. Why should we give ANY credence to anything this piece of vermin spews forth?

  3. No here did the President say anything about a pre-emptive war. This Obama crony is joining the losing chorus of trying to find flaws in anything the President does or says. It isn’t working. #MAGA.


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