Survey Reveals 80% of Israeli Kids Traumatized by Terror-Attack Videos, 64% Afraid to Leave Homes


terror attackA new survey revealed that 80 percent of Israeli children who have seen footage of terror attacks are left traumatized, Israeli news website Walla reported.

The poll was conducted by Nielsen among a cross-section of parents, who reported on how their children have been affected by watching videos of stabbing and other attacks on TV news reports and online.

According to Walla, since the recent surge of Palestinian violence against Israelis began a few weeks ago, the public has been bombarded by regular replays of every attack — caught on security and cellphone cameras.

According to the report, the survey shows that children exposed to such videos are 1.5 times more likely to experience some form of trauma.

It also revealed that 64% of children who have watched such videos are afraid to leave their homes.

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