Survey: 60% Of Israelis Support Attack On Iran


iran-missileIs the public sick of the justifications for the rising cost of gasoline by blaming the sanctions on Iran? Whether or not the public makes this connection, it supports military action against Iran. 60% of the public believes that a military attack is the only way to stop Iran’s nuclear program, and 37% oppose it, according to a survey by Dr. Camil Fuchs of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, run by former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dore Gold. Gold is considered an associate of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

65% of the respondents believe that the price Israel would pay for living in the shadow of an Iran nuclear bomb is higher than the price it would pay for attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities. Interestingly, more men than women believe this (73% of men and 56% of women). 34% of the respondents agree with the statement that should Iran obtain nuclear weapons, it would use them against Israel.

60% of the respondents believe that the US will take military action against Iran if sanctions are ineffective in stopping its nuclear program. 80% of the respondents believe that the US military has the capabilities to significantly damage Iran’s nuclear program, and 66% believe that the IDF also has this capability.

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs is an independent research institute, which studies key policy issues facing Israel and the Jewish people.

{Globes/ Newscenter}


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