Surveillance Video: Man Steals a Bicycle from Belzer Development in Lakewood, NJ, in Broad Daylight



  1. “McDonalds is introducing a new Obama Happy meal: You order whatever you want, and the guy behind you has to pay for it.”

  2. an unlocked bike is begging to be stolen. the owner has to show some sense of responsibility. if a driver, while talking on the phone, hits a pedestrian who didnt look both ways, who is responsible for the damage? hallachically? legally?

    • Dear Goyinneh, while it may be prudent, there is no halachic or secular law obligation to chain up your bike, especially when it is in your own front yard. Please fight off your kleptomaniac urges when encountering unlocked bikes, and please try to raise your IQ enough to stop blaming the victim.

      • It’s NOT BLAMING it teaching responsibility. If you don’t take care of your self who will. parents get off the cell phone and gib achtig what ur kids are doing or NOT doing

        • A responsibility is when neighbors get together and beat up a perpetrator, after NJ required attempt to escape before unleashing self defense at the charging perpetrator. Just keep cameras off and bring a lot of witnesses.


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