Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Skip Trump’s State Of The Union Address


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will not be attending President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address on Tuesday.

Instead, Ginsburg will be participating in a “fireside chat” at the Roger Williams University School of Law, together with First U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Senior Judge Bruce M. Selya.


During the presidential campaign in 2016, Ginsburg made disparaging remarks about then-candidate Trump to the Associated Press and other news outlets. Trump responded in a tweet, saying Ginsburg’s mind was “shot” and should step down from the Court.


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  1. Will she just admit she is unorthodox, and has her full life despised her family right and capacity to be a Torah jew? This is totally absurd. It no longer gives me much humor to see a public jew who eats treif and will not obey Hashem’s command. What is their purpose and what can they possibly think they stand for in our kingdom?

    Scary, she is totally made of a never thought for Hashem. Go to see the president and be right in your davening. That is when you complain. Not when you protest just by the seat of your judiciary.

    This is hate and it incites even violent oppressive hate among others. She is no hero and we deserve an explanation why she does not obey Torah law.

    It is not orthodox or honorable. Never our faith.

  2. If a justice has to be ready in vengeance to a disparaging remark made about her how could she rationally render justice. She should step down. I would even like to suggest that impeachment hearings commence if she skips the President of the United States of America’s all important State of the Union address for violation of respect for the President. Call it contempt. If a US Supreme Court justice is contemptuous toward the President she should be impeached.

  3. I thought a supreme court member was supposed to be impartial. Non political. How can she be an honest judge if she openly shows disdain for the sitting President? Something is very wrong going on here. If she can no longer be unbiased, she should step down and let someone else take her place on the Supreme Court.

  4. Fader Bader Ginzberg. She is fading out of life on her blame and bold practice of extrajudiciary spite.

    Could she just admit it was the treif she ate and not the bank she loved? Its too obvious.

    Clean it up reform. They are all failing to impress the orthodox and probably even Hashem.


    • You bring up a good point. Eating treif is mitamtaim halev, a very serious stain on the soul.
      Some people mistakenly think that eating chalav stam is also mitamtaim halev, but that is not true. Some of the biggest gedolim of the past, consumed chalav stam. Chalav Yisroel is nice, if you can afford it.

  5. This female impersonator judge should be held to her word. She said if Donald Trump wins the election she will leave the country. Now you can see how trustworthy her word is. She is a lowlife secular Jew who doesn’t practice Judaism. She is a chazer fresser! She should change her name to Root Bader Ginspig!

  6. She sounds just like Abbas the so-called Palestinian leader who skipped Pence’s address in Israel. She’d have preferred for Abbas to be the US President.

    Have you noticed it’s all self-hating Jews the most corrupt in the government and media?

  7. For every seat vacant they should find a citizen of this country to fill it, such as military, police, hospital staff, etc. etc. so no seat is empty. If people are standing in line to hear the speech some one who is waiting to hear the speech should be seated, or find someone on the streets in Washington who would be interested in sitting to hear the speech.
    There should be no vacant seats to show the citizens of this country care, even if the politicians don’t. Keep on voting for these losers in the government who worry about their own butts and not the citizens of this country or the country.


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