Support For Holocaust Survivors Increased By 10% In Israel In 2018


Allowances for Holocaust survivors living in Israel increased by about 10 percent in 2018, according to Ministry of Finance figures released Wednesday, on the eve of the Israeli Holocaust remembrance day.

Some 152,000 Israelis are recognized by the state as Holocaust survivors, for being held in concentration, or death camps, or fleeing the Nazi invasion of Europe during the Second World War.

According to the annual report of the Authority for the Rights of Holocaust Survivors, an agency of the Ministry of Finance that oversees state benefits for survivors, Israel paid some NIS 56 billion (US $ 139 million) in 2018 to some 210,000 Israelis recognized as having suffered during the war.

The increase represents 566 million shekels (140 million euros) in the 2018 budget for survivor assistance. Read more at i24NEWS.



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