‘Super Lice’ Strike in 25 States


Is your head itchy yet?

“Super lice” are infesting the nation and have appeared in half the country, reports US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT.

The insidious creatures are resistant to chemicals present in most over-the-counter treatments that reportedly could cure 100 percent of lice cases back in 2000.

But times have changed, according to KSDK. And while a more advanced, FDA-approved treatment to counter the super lice is available and is sometimes covered by insurance, it can cost nearly $200.




  1. We’ll just have to go back to the old fashioned way of getting rid of lice: combing it all out. Schools should send infested students home, just like with any other contagious diseases. Warnings should be sent out before vacations and checking when they come back. It may be the only way.


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