Super Bowl Earns Highest Ratings Ever


super-bowl-xlix-footballSuper Bowl XLIX wasn’t only a success for the New England Patriots. NBC also scored big with the Super Bowl earning its highest overnight ratings in history. It delivered a 49.7 overnight rating, which was in no small part to the tight game.

The Pats scored two unanswered fourth-quarter touchdowns and staved off a last-minute miracle catch to win Super Bowl XLIX, 28-24.

With 2:02 left, Russell Wilson marched the Seattle Seahawks down the field, complete with a miracle catch by Jermaine Kearse, who snared a tipped ball from the ground. But with the ball at the 1-yard line, Seattle Coach Pete Carroll opted to throw the ball with less than 30 seconds left. New England DB Malcolm Butler picked off Wilson’s pass to finish the game and give the Patriots their fourth Super Bowl victory.

Tom Brady set a Super Bowl record with 37 completions and four TDs on 328 yards. Julian Edelman caught nine passes for 109 yards and the game-winning touchdown.

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  1. Respect the voyage of good bedlam.

    Football is like doves in the air on peace day.

    I lived another copacetic year of superbowl last night and I did not initially even plan to watch the game!

    The Angels above made sure I did not pass on this day of American history.

    Fidelity can see we all need an American past time!

  2. oi veiiii….

    is this what is on a torah yids top agenda to know? is the superbowl topic belong in a torah yids home?

    what will our teire children be by the time they grow up if this is what their parents are talking about as their top priority?

    It will be a miracle if our children are still frum & didn’t go OTD Chas v’shalom.

    Where does the border stop? where is the fence? when is the time for each of us to ask ourselves, will this (any topic) affect the chinuch & upbringing of my children?

    when a couple gets married, we are given the mitzvah of Pru u’rivu (have children) & v’shinantam levanecha (raise our children in the ways of torah) & not vice versa chas v’shalom. can we do these mitzvas the right way (among many other mitzvos involving children) or are we not deserving of raising frum families? you decide in your free will between you Hashem if you can do your mission are deserving of having children

    May we all put our children chinuch as top priority before other tumahs…

  3. It just so happens that we can learn big Mussar from this game. The Seahawks had the game won and did something stupid and lost. How many times in life do we have sure fate in our hand and we do the dumbest thing to blow it. Al Taamin BiAtzmichoh Ad Yom Moischoh!

  4. Oh stop the whining. It’s nauseating.
    If you’re not interested in this piece of news, DON’T READ IT!
    If you’re so concerned about your Avodas Hashem and about your kids going off the derech (!), you shouldn’t be on the internet!

  5. #7, what are you thinking? do you honestly believe that everyone who watches football goes off the derech? can you please explain to me what exactly is the problem with football?

  6. Football is a great outlet for kids and for adults to enjoy. There is nothing wrong to put this on the site. Thank you Matzav for putting football on your website and may you continue to put more sports articles on this site.
    Thank you, and looking forward to enjoying more interesting sports articles.

  7. this absolutely does not belong on matzav this is a trivial goyishe event and is not news worthy. there is no reason to report it.

    where is this website going and to those who ask i shouldnte be on the internet if i want to be an oved hashen why not? my internet is unlike yours there are a few sites that are whitelisted and there are zero images, nada none. they are all blocked and can not be viewed.

    and as far as whats wrong wih following goyishe lowlifes act like an ish sodeh and like eisav the answer is as my roshe yeshiva said stop folwwoing sports.. avi avos hatemuah. and he is megedlolei talmidov of marah harav kotler ztl.


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