Sukkah Shadchan Needs Your Help


sukkahDear friend,

As you may be aware for the past 9 years my father together with our entire family has run the Sukkah Shadchan. We match up people who no longer need their sukkah with people who need a sukkah to call their own.

We have already received over 75 request for help finding sukkahs. At this time we only have 3 possible sukkahs to give away.

If you have a sukkah (or know someone who may have a sukkah) to give away please call 718-998-6596 immediately so that we can find a new home for your sukkah. The person who needs the sukkah will pick it up from you at your convenience.

Please forward this email to any appropriate list that you may have.

May we all be zoiche to a Kesiva Vachasima Tova.

The Weiss Family

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  1. What an amazing mitzva & chesed. Ii know a family who lost everything in sandy, they have bli aiyin horah 7 children and the father is not well. They just got a sukkah through this sukkah shadchan family. At least they will have simchas yom tov! Kol Hakovod. May it be a big zechus for them!


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