Sukkah Locations at Hospitals in NY and NJ, Courtesy of Chesed 24/7


sukkah1No one wants to be stuck in the hospital on Succos, but in case anyone finds themselves there during Yom Tov, Chesed 24/7 now has an updated list of the locations of succahs in various hospitals in Manhattan, New Jersey and Upstate. (See below.)

Chesed Hospitality Rooms will also be open and fully stocked with lulavim, esrogim, hot Yom Tov meals, snacks, drinks, hot water urns, and reading materials. Patients and their families are welcome to put their own Yom Tov food in the rooms’ refrigerators as well as the warming drawers. These rooms provide a “calm within the storm”, a place to rest and get taste of Yom Tov, even in the hospital.

Chesed 24/7 Hospitality Rooms can be found in the following hospitals:  Columbia – Milstein Pavilion,  Columbia – Babies and Children’s Hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital, New York Hospital Weill Cornell,  Hackensack University Medical Center, Good Samaritan Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, Hospital of Special Surgery, NY Downtown Hospital, Englewood Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering and Catskill Regional Medical Center (Harris Hospital).

May the Chesed 24/7 Hospitality Rooms and the succahs be used only for simchos!

Chesed Rooms and Succah Locations

NYC Hospitals

Mount Sinai Hospital

Guggenheim Pavilion, MC Level, Room #242

Sukkah- Annenberg patio area, adjacent to the Guggenheim Pavilion. It can be reached directly from the staircase near the Peck Jewish Chapel.

Lenox Hill Hospital

4th Floor off the Lounge

Sukkah – Next to Chesed Room on the porch

New York Cornell

2nd Floor North, Room #107

Sukkah – By the Walk-in Emergency Room courtyard

Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital

1st Floor, Room C-170

Sukkah – Recreation Dept. 15th Floor

Hospital for Special Surgery

2nd Floor West, Room 252

Sukkah – Across from hospital, 535  E. 71st St front of Belaire Building

Columbia – Milstein Building

6th Floor, Hudson North, Room #6-112

Sukkah – Main Entrance – right side, in hospital garden (ask security for the key)

Columbia – Babies Building

6th Floor Lobby

Sukkah – Milstein Building, Main Entrance – right side, in hospital garden (ask security for the key)

Albert Einstein -Montefiore

4th floor next to cafeteria

Sukkah – 1st Floor Main entrance

Calvary Hospital

3rd floor, Room 359

Sukkah – 1st floor on the side terrace

Upstate Hospitals

Good Samaritan – Suffern

Main Lobby

Sukkah – left side of main entrance,

at the Bikur Cholim Shabbos House

Catskill Regional (Harris)

5th Floor, Room #105

Sukkah – 1st floor in the yard across the volunteer office

Ellenville Hospital

Radiology waiting room near the E.R.

Sukkah – Back of building near the Chesed room

New Jersey Hospitals

Hackensack Medical Center

Women Building

5th Floor West, Room #121

Main Building

4th floor,  SICU Visitor Lounge

Sukkah – Rose Building near the main cafeteria

(Ask security for details)

Valley Hospital

Mother Baby Unit B3224

Sukkah – Cheel Building, 4th Floor, on the terrace by the waiting room

Englewood Hospital

3rd Floor, Room 236

Sukkah – in the garden area ( near the library )

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  1. Although the effort to provide a Sukkah for those who would otherwise have difficulty in fulfilling their obligation to perform this Mitzvah is highly commendable, it might be important to take note of the following:

    An ailing patient as well as his attendants are exempt from the Mitzvah of Sukkah, if the patient is deathly ill. In the case of a patient who is not in peril, his attendants are also exempt from Sukkah requirements at the time when their services are required by the patient.

    There may also be a question whether one who is thus exempt may recite a Brucha when eating in a Sukkah at a time when he is on call to serve the patient. A different Hallacha might apply for the first night of Sukkah.

    In any event one should consult with a competent Hallacik authority to verify the applicable Hallcha.

  2. The NYU Langone Medical Center also has a most beautiful Succah and a fully stocked Bikur Cholim Room that is under the auspices of Rabbi Yisroel Rosman of NYU. The Succah is located immediately upon entering the main entrance to the hospital. Ask at the information desk)

  3. There is a very large Sukkah near Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, in the courtyard of the student housing for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.


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