Suicide Diplomacy


arabs-muslimsBy Dovid Efune

From the group that introduced the world to the suicide bomber now another innovation: The Suicide Diplomat.

At the United Nations café, Russia, the European Union, China, The United States, Canada, Israel and a few others are seated around a table. PA President Mahmoud Abbas has entered with explosives snugly wrapped around his waist and is about to pull the detonator cord.

Since the beginning of time, warfare has taken on many forms. Terrorist tactics have been deployed on every continent and against many great civilizations to achieve political or territorial goals, justified or not. The anomaly of the suicide bomber, however, is in his singular objective to destroy as an end in itself, not one born of a desire to create a better future; for him there is no tomorrow.

As for the society that cultivates, equips, indoctrinates and facilitates his heinous crime, it clearly cares not for the well being of that individual, nor his family. What of heaven? Seventy virgins? Even to those of the Muslim faith there are less destructive paths to heaven. It can be achieved through a life of piety, submission, prayer and charity.

To paraphrase Golda Meir, the logic of the suicide bomber exists only in a society that hates its enemy more than it loves its own children. As has been evidenced time and again, the Palestinian Arab hatred of Israel and the Western culture that it represents far outweighs its desire to build for itself a peaceful and productive future. A study of elementary school textbooks in Gaza or the West Bank will affirm that as a curricular objective, there is no other matter that is so firmly implanted in the minds of young Palestinian Arabs than the hatred of Israel.

The Palestinian Arab bid for Unilateral Declaration of Independence this week appears to be strongly influenced by the same principles of hate and destruction.

A Wall Street Journal editorial earlier this week questioned the logic of the UN efforts, even from a Palestinian Arab perspective asking, “A vote at the U.N. won’t create a Palestinian state and will likely retard the creation of one, perhaps for years. It won’t remove any Israeli settlements from the West Bank and might well give Jerusalem reason to accelerate the pace of construction. It could also lead Israel to take various punitive measures against the Palestinians, including freezing tax transfers worth about $100 million a month. The U.S. Congress might follow by cutting off the $600 million in annual aid to the Palestinians.”

This week Mahmoud Abbas acknowledged what he stood to destroy in the wake of these efforts, saying, “the Palestinian people and their leadership will pass through very difficult times after the Palestinian approach to the United Nations.” Saying further, “We decided to take this step and all hell has broken out against us.”

In seeking to understand the move, The Journal referenced an opinion piece that Abbas wrote in the New York Times in May, which said that “Palestine’s admission to the United Nations would pave the way for the internationalization of the conflict as a legal matter, not only as a political one. It would also pave the way for us to pursue claims against Israel at the United Nations, human rights treaty bodies and the International Criminal Court.””

As the Wall Street Journal concluded, “In other words, what Palestinians seek out of a U.N. vote isn’t an affirmation of their right to a state, but rather another tool in their perpetual campaign to harass, delegitimize and ultimately destroy Israel.”
Understand this: ‘peace’ is no goal of the Palestinians, only to hurt, maim, isolate and ultimately destroy the sovereign Jewish presence in the Mediterranean.

The author is the director of the Algemeiner Journal and the GJCF and can be e-mailed at

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  1. Nice perspective, but no one’s listening.
    Who’s with us will be with us, and he who’s not, well the the literal suicide bombers didn’t sway their opinion, so why would the metaphoric?

  2. To shtender bender:
    There are too many of us who don’t understand the real issues going on here. That’s enough reason to publish this article.

  3. The writer is the “director of the Algemeiner Journal.” This hardly makes him an objective observer. Perhaps we should take this op-ed with a grain – or a barrel – of salt.

  4. The Wall Street Journal, Israelis, columnists, etc., all misunderstand the Palestinians. In fact, they have “one-upped” Abba Eban, who observed that the Palestinians “never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

    Remember, they rejected the two-state solution in 1937, 1947/48, 1999/2000, & 2008. Each time, they adhered to Golda Meir’s maxim noted above. Furthermore, Arafat didn’t want to go down not as the guy who achieve peace, but as the one who betrayed the Arab/Muslim nation by giving in to the Jews. Abbas is the same. He wants to set everything backward it the hope that “tomorrow” will be a better day for them.

    One thing about courage vs. cowardice is that teh courageous solider fights hard and is willing to sacrifice his/her life if necessary, but prefers to live to fight another day. The Palestinians have modified this to be more like the last minutes of an NBA game, where team B is losing by quite a bit to team A, so they keep fouling team A in the hope that they’ll somehow intercept ball after ball and change their scoring pattern to one of success to win, where they have been shooting poorly all game long. It’s a fool’s gamble, and that’s what Israel deals with daily.


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