Suffern Mayor LaCorte Thrown Off The Ballot For Rockland County Executive


suffern-mayor-dagan-lacorteAn Appeals Court reversed the NY Supreme Court decision allowing Dagan Lacorte onto the Democratic primary ballot Wednesday. The appeal panel, which ruled 4-0 against Lacorte, said the validating petition was not sufficiently “particularized” to give notice of which signatures he claimed were improperly invalidated by the Rockland County Board of Elections.

The court also said Lacorte failed to establish that he did not receive adequate and timely notice of the objections that were sustained by the board as he had claimed. Thus the court did not even review the actual signatures in question.

Lacorte has one more avenue of appeal that he can exhaust, although the court is not required to hear his argument. A final determination is expected by next week, but for now Lacorte is off the ballot. Read more at Rockland Times.

{ Newscenter}


  1. he can stage a write-in campaign though – i dont know much about him but he seems to be a progressive liberal so i hope he loses


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