Subway Riders, And The MTA, Blindsided By Rush-Hour Repair Work


The NEW YORK POST post: Big Apple commuters were blindsided by heavy rush-hour delays Monday morning — because the MTA was doing subway repairs that were never announced.

The transit agency began work on the N, R and D line tunnels running from 36th Street in Brooklyn to 59th Street in Brooklyn — but their website didn’t indicate “planned work” on the yellow lines and declared there would be “good service.”

There wasn’t — and even MTA officials seemed clueless about why the delays were happening when they first started getting reported.

“There are no reported incidents along the lines at this time,” tweeted the New York City Transit account around 8 a.m., when responding to a commuter complaining about being stuck on an N at 45th Street.

Only about an hour later did the MTA start informing riders that it was “performing critical structural work” on the express tracks between 36th Street and 59th Street.

Commuters were fuming that they were only told about the delays, ranging from 25 minutes to over an hour, while they were experiencing them. “How do you announce that the morning of, among all the delays??” asked @shibbyyshabamm. “This should have been posted and reported.” NEW YORK POST


  1. I was sitting on train from boro park to the city for about 2 hours. Couldn’t believe they were doing maintenance during rush hour without alternatives.


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