Subway May be First Successful “Kosher Restaurant Franchise”


subwayStore #11 in North Miami Beach will by far make Subway the largest kosher franchise. Numerous attempts by both kosher owned restaurants and chains like Nathan’s have not nearly come close to what is emerging as a highly successful kosher franchise. The newest Subway is scheduled to open at the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center in North Miami Beach, the first of its kind in Florida.

The first kosher Subway had opened in Cleveland several years ago before expanding to the New York area.

“The success of Subway is an anomaly,” said one New York restaurant maven. “I always thought that their menu of sandwiches and soups is far too limited for the glatt kosher customer who loves many choices.”

Oddly enough, on Brooklyn’s Avenue J, Subway is adjacent to Kosher Delight with some customers “mixing and matching,” as the maven put it. They may get a sandwich at Subway and spare ribs at KD. Word is that store #12 may soon open in Miami Beach. With nearly a dozen stores, it is far larger than Mendy’s, Kosher Delight or Dougie’s, each with up to a handful of stores.

Some restaurant experts say that Subway may “be on to something with its more limited menu.” Customers are also impressed with the consistency of the quality of the products and expanded offerings such as some pareve items. “Who would have believed?” was the ultimate reaction of the restaurant maven.

{Kosher Today/ Newscenter}


  1. The Kosher Subway in Lower Manhattan on Water St. has closed.
    The Kosher Subway in New Rochelle has closed.
    A Kosher Subway is planned for the Upper West Side section of Manhattan, NY.
    A Kosher Subway is planned for Teaneck, NJ.
    A Kosher Subway is planned to open within the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington in Rockville, MD (Greater Washington D.C. area)
    A Kosher Subway is planned for the Glendale suburb of Milwaukee, WI.
    Other Kosher Subways may be popping up here:
    Great Neck, NY
    Miami Beach, FL
    Brookline, MA
    Toronto, ON
    Chicago, IL
    Pack your cars and head over to your closest Kosher Subway. Chances are you won’t be the only ones.

  2. The Kosher Subway at the JCC in Rockville, MD has been open for a while now. The food is great!

    There’s also a Kosher Subway in LA, but I wasn’t too impressed by that one.


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