Study: US Holocaust Museum’s Deliberately Hides FDR’s Anti Semitic Record


A study by eight leading Holocaust historians has found that a new exhibit at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum distorts and minimizes President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s abandonment of Jewish refugees during the Holocaust.

The study, titled Distorting America’s Response to the Holocaust, is a comprehensive analysis of the museum’s recently-opened exhibit, Americans and the Holocaust.

The 70-page report describes the variety of excuses that the exhibit uses to rationalize President Roosevelt’s refusal to provide meaningful aid to Jewish refugees. The exhibit also glosses over the Allies’ failure to bomb Auschwitz, an attack that could have save hundreds of thousands of Jews from extermination.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Well what do you expect from museums that are run by secular atheistic Jews who keep the museum open all year except for Yom Kippur and Xmas.
    They also incorporated the toeiva sinners in their museum charade.

  2. What was his political affiliation? I should have known. He was a DemocRAT!!! Somehow DemocRATs always have a history of using Jews and hating Jews.

    Vote Republican!!!

  3. Halachah pesuka; Aisav sonei es Yaakov. All of us who tend to put our faith in our elected officials (at least the ones we voted for), should take to heart that it is not who we vote for, it is not if only we had done this, or if he/she said this. The world runs, for us, accordance with hashgachah pratis and according to the Ratzon HaShem. Recognizing this, the above should come as no surprise.

  4. My shvigger, zol gizunt zein, is a survivor but she tells me that she still votes Democrat. She voted for DeBlasio, Cuomo, Obama twice, Hillary, etc… When I ask her why, she never gives me a straight answer.

  5. Some time ago, a woman called into some talk radio show that I happened to be listening to and said “When I die I want to be buried in Chicago so that I can continue voting for Democrats.” How true!


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