Study Shows People Less Likely to Give to Organizations



A recent study of more than 300 Jewish crowdfunding campaigns found that while individual funds for causes like hachnasas kallah often gain some traction, organization-run funds for the same causes often lag.

“It’s an interesting phenomenon,” says a marketing analyst who works primarily with online tzedaka campaigns. “An individual could theoretically be anyone … In the case of organizations, however, there is an entire board whose job it is to verify cases. The people who receive the tzedaka have been looked into … the funds have been approved by rabbanim.”

One key example is this year’s Kupat Ha’Ir kimcha depischa campaign. Though previously accused of sensationalism, the Bnei Brak-based organization’s latest campaign page is almost radically straightforward. Broken down into three parts it relays its most pertinent information: the obligation of the individual to give kimcha depischa (pre-Pesach charity), rabbinical support of this specific campaign (this month’s is from Rav Chaim Kanievsky), and the added benefit of the Rav’s blessing to donors for ‘shefa in both ruchniyus and gashmius this Pesach.”

With just days remaining until Pesach, however, the fund has gathered less than $5,000. This is extremely low, particularly next to Chesed Fund pages which tout donation levels in the six figures. This is potentially bad news for the impoverished families registered to receive financial assistance before Pesach. The amount that each household receives is entirely dependent on the success of the campaigns.

So, why aren’t people donating? Another expert weighs in:

“People claim that it’s not right to show a face, but then if there isn’t a face on the campaign they don’t donate,’ notes a content writer who has spent years following the statistics of Jewish crowdfunding campaigns. ‘People don’t like ‘sensational,’ but preserving the privacy of the poor families often simply doesn’t work in getting them help.’

One thing is clear: Whether it is here or elsewhere, individuals are obligated in the mitzvah of kimcha depischa. As organizations continue to vie for the attention of the donor, and people state their preferences between styles of advertising, only the numbers will tell the truth. And for the hundreds of individuals whose Pesach prep depends on assistance from Kupat Ha’Ir, the truth may hurt.

Those who wish to read Rav Chaim Kanievsky’s handwritten letter and receive the blessing for “shefa (abundance) in both ruchniyus (spirituality) and gashmiyus (physicality) Pesach can do so here for a limited time.


  1. People have lost trust in tzedoka funds. May times it is due to stories or corruption or missmangment. Other times it’s due to the reality that there are local people we love and care for that need help more than the umprella tzedoka given to the klal.

    Personally it’s more and more fustrating that the people who receive from funds feel that it’s magiya Li. My right to get.

    That bothers me more than anything.

    Over spending on lucturies is not a reason to receive tzedoka and where I live I see it more and more.

    I prefer giving to the individuals and families I know personally struggling to make ends meet and find it hard to get help anywhere else.

  2. I think Kupat Ha’Ir needs more transparency — publishing how much they raise and how much actually goes to beneficiaries ,how much to advertizing,administrators,etc.

  3. give to individuals not organizations or people coming around that they give out packages to hundreds of families (you cant verify it)
    or soup kitchens
    who in 2019 is eating in a soup kitchen
    with all this supposed giving out
    the average weight of the israeli citizen should be 300lb
    rather give to individuals that you know are either full time learning or are working but are making weddings etc have large families
    not walking around all day with shopping bags in geula or on 13th ave

  4. ‘RABBI’ ECKSTEIN A’H has an organization called ‘Alliance for Christians and Jews’ His TV advertisement claims he is raising for for the elderly HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS in Russia who do not even have daily bread. His video shows people who live in snow basically..3 coats no heat and ancient in age. beautiful. He raises according to the google search 150 million a year. year after year. THE GOOGLE SEARCHES ALSO also states that he has raised 1.5 BILLION for Israel. wonderful. The evangelicals WHO ARE CHRISTIANS are his partners in this organization. ‘RABBI’ ECKSTEIN EARNED 1 MILLION 2 HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS IN SALARY, THATS $1,200,000.00. HIS DAUGHTER EARNED $400,000.00 A YEAR. ANTI DEF LEAGUE ABRAHAM FOX EARNED ALMOST 1 MILLION WHICH IS SHOWN ON THE SEARCHES. HOW MUCH DO THE POOR ELDERLY NEED IN RUSSIAN? HOW MANY ARE STILL ALIVE? How many are still alive from the holocaust still living today which was his MAIN SELLING POINT, and now his daughter probably took over his salary and story?. I DONT KNOW….DO YOU KNOW? WHO IS ACCOUNTING FOR HIS EXPENDITURES…WHO? RABBI PINTO HAS $350,000.00 MILLION IN HIS NET WORTH…..HOW? WHO IS ACCOUNTING FOR HIS MONIES? HILLARY CLINTON WAS DIRT POOR LEAVING THE WHITE HOUSE..NOW SHE HER WORTH IS WHAT $300 MILLION IS STATED?


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