Study: Pedestrian Compliance With Traffic Lights in Ultra-Orthodox Locations Lower than in Secular Neighborhoods


traffic-light-yerushalayimFollowing a previous study that revealed the disobedience of Ultra-Orthodox citizens, as compared to secular citizens, of traffic lights at crosswalks, a present study by The Interdisciplinary Department of Social Sciences at Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan examined the road habits of 995 Ultra-Orthodox and secular pedestrians in neighboring Ultra-Orthodox and secular cities.

Using an observation grid designed specially for this study, the pedestrians were observed at two crosswalks – one in an Ultra-Orthodox city and one in a secular city – as far as similar traffic parameters, using a logistic regression. The tendency to cross on a red light was assessed as a function of estimated age, gender, religiosity, location (religious/secular), the duration of the red light, the number of vehicles crossing and the number of pedestrians waiting at the curb.

Ultra-Orthodox pedestrians committed more violations than secular pedestrians did, and there were more road violations in the Ultra-Orthodox location than there were in the secular location.

Fewer traffic violations were committed by “local” pedestrians (Ultra-Orthodox pedestrians in the Ultra-Orthodox location and secular pedestrians in the secular location) than by “foreigners” (Ultra-Orthodox pedestrians in the secular location and secular pedestrians in the Ultra-Orthodox location).

The odds of crossing on a red light decreased as a function of both the number of people waiting at the curb and the number of vehicles. Consistent with previous research, males crossed on red much more than females did, regardless of religiosity and location.

 {Yair Israel}


  1. Why is this post here? Not all news falls under the category of ‘toeles’ that it should be mutar to be publicized.

  2. Lets post something nice about us frummer,somethinhg of substance like how many mitzvos we are in “compliance” with,versus others….

  3. to the secular waiting at a traffic light is TIME

    TIME = MONEY and that is as for as it goes

    to the religious time is so much more then money and they don’t want to waist it

    (this is for most traffic light NOT THE BUSY ONES and i would never do anything to impede the flow of traffic)
    i want to thank the israeli government for looking after my personal safety by installing traffic lights BUT i am competent and do not need their help crossing the street

  4. You are all taking this too personal. How about improving our traffic enforcement and adherence instead of worrying about toeles or how many mitzvohs we have accumulated for the day?


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