Study: Multivitamins Don’t Help You Live Longer

Multivitamins do next to nothing for longevity, a new meta-analysis from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology reports. Researchers looked at 179 studies conducted between 2012 and 2017 and found that there was no conclusive evidence that multivitamins helped benefit heart health.
This could be because the modern diet is much more diverse and healthy than it has ever been, and that individualized dietary concerns and their respective vitamins could help.
“Our review found that if you want to use multivitamins, vitamin D, calcium, or vitamin C, it does no harm—but there is no apparent advantage either,” David Jenkins, a nutritionist at the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital, said in a statement. Read more at QUARTZ.


  1. “the modern diet is much more diverse and healthy than it has ever been”
    say what? our diets are healthier? what are they talking about? our diets are terrible!

  2. On one hand, we have a tremendous variety of foods available, and eating healthily is quite possible. On the other, there is even more garbage (I don’t want to call it food, because it’s definitely not nourishment!) available and most of it is cheaper and tastier. Even the healthy stuff isn’t quite as good as it should be (nutritionally depleted agricultural lands, air pollution, genetic engineering, etc). The “classic” modern, Western diets are also not ideal, and it’s very hard to change our habits. But for those who w a n t to eat properly, it’s easier than it’s been in a long time, especially if you can get organic food.

    • organic is a scam!
      organic uses pesticide also.
      organic pesticides are less tested than regular pesticide. so which would you prefer pesticides that have a track record or the ones with less of a track record? just like the bph scare. people started using plastics with less science to back up safety. and lo and behold bph this year was proven safe!

  3. So if I continue to eat my Entenmanns chocolate fudge cake (13g of fat) but I take a multi vitamin along with it, I’ll be okay? Please say yes. My wife doesn’t like when she sees me eating this stuff.

    • Mr. “Starting to carry around a spare tire”:

      You asked a good question and deserve a good answer. You asked that when you eat some “Entenmann’s Chocolate Fudge Cake,” if, along with the piece of cake, you also swallow a multi-vitamin capsule, will that (taking the multi-vitamin capsule) now make the eating of the cake OK?? The answer is that, sadly, IT WILL NOT make eating the cake OK!!

      First of all, I must point out that bad forms of fat is just one of the many problems with the cakes from Entenmann’s and the junk food products from countless other companies. As is well known, there is also large amounts of heavily refined sugars. What is less well known though, is that ALL of the virtually infinite junk food products are LITERALLY PACKED with all kinds of gravely toxic synthetic substances. The list of ingredients on the label openly mentions a lot of them: artificial preservatives, artificial stabilizers, artificial flavorings, artificial coloring (US Red Dye No. 3, US Yellow Dye No. 7, US Purple Dye No. 14, UK Turquoise Dye No. 243, etc.)

      Even the “natural” cores of the products, the wheat in the cakes and cookies, the potatoes in the potato chips, and the corn in the corn chips, are not healthy foods at all. By the time they are formed into that cookie or chip, they have been so over processed of over processed that there are virtually no nourishing nutrients left in them! When they were growing out in the “natural” fields, they were heavily drenched with repeated applications of excessively severe poisons of numerous insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other pesticides. They themselves — in the very DNA of their seeds — were GENETICALLY CHANGED from their original Hashem given state.

      Yes, the standard wheat (and other grains), corn, and potatoes (and other vegetables) of today are all very UN-natural “natural” items!!

      As a gigantic ANTIDOTE to this heavy toxic soup that, unfortunately, most modern people are constantly ingesting, there is the field of DETOXIFICATION, which has many different techniques and (natural) medicines that, B’Ezras Hashem, get a person’s metabolism to DETOXIFY, to get rid of the poisons that it had taken in.

      However, for a person to undergo detoxification treatment, AND YET, at the same time continue to indulge in heavy thick junk food, is as totally foolish and self defeating as someone who has a raging fire; on one side, he is pouring water on it, but on the other side, he is pouring gasoline on it!! A good natural healing physician will tell a patient, that before worrying about taking a vitamin or herbal pill, just stop eating all junk foods and, instead, eat only foods that are certified organic, and, Im Yirtza Hashem, he will already feel 1,000% better!

  4. So a series of studies was done with results that showed that “Multivitamins Don’t Help You Live Longer.” Let us suppose there was a different series of studies done with results that showed that “going to college does not get you a good income.” Well, on this “study” with such “results” we would immediately jump on it and declare that it is a total lie — which, of course, it is!! As to the “study,” we would retort the obvious questions on it: “WHICH college???” “WHO were the students???” “WHAT courses did they take???” “HOW LONG did they go for???” “DID they get a degree???” If the college used was a small mediocre school near an inner city slum, and the students were unfortunate bums from run down neighborhoods, and their courses were to try to fill them in on what they had missed when they had dropped out of high school, and most of them did not stay in the program long enough to get even a high school diploma equivalent, then of course, the little bit of “college” they went to will not make much of a difference in the work they will do!

    However, for good studious students, who went to prestigious universities like Harvard and Yale, and went through full programs emerging with doctorate degrees, of course, they will be placed in prestigious high pay positions.

    The same kind of examination we must do with this “study” about vitamins supposedly not helping us live long. If the amounts of the nutrients in the multi-vitamins used were very low, then, of course, they did not have enough in them to help the patients too much. If the patients took them for only short periods of time, then, of course, they would not get much benefit from them. If the vitamins used were cheap synthetically made products that are loaded with all kinds of toxic fillers and binders and colorings, then on the contrary, such outright junk products will probably make the people who take them live SHORTER lives!!

    By sharp contrast though, extensive clinical studies and experience with patients have shown that when patients are give truly good quality nutrient products that are produced from purely natural NOT GENETICALLY ENGINEERED sources, and the prescribed products contain adequate amounts of needed nutrients, and the patients take them for substantial periods of time, then, Boruch Hashem, the patients get substantially better!


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