Study: Good Night Sleep May Be The Key To Having Happy Marriage


shidduchimThe secret to a happy marriage may be as easy as catching some Zzzzs. A new study, funded by the U.S. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, found that women who have trouble falling asleep at night are more likely to have a turbulent marriage, reports CBS 2′s Emily Smith.

Could your marriage be a casualty of bad sleep? The new research finds when wives don’t get enough sleep, their husbands and their marriages suffer.

The study focused on 32 married couples in their 30s and had them keep track of the amount of sleep they got and feelings during the day. If women took a long time to fall asleep at night, they generally had much more negative dealings with their husbands the next day, but not so for men.

“What’s notable about it is that was only true for women. Men were able to put aside the fact that they were sleep deprived and still get along fine with their wives,” psychologist Dr. Susan Bartell said.

According to Bartell, men tend to internalize their feelings whereas women express stress and verbalize it.

The solution could lie where you sleep, Bartell said. If you are having short-term problems, you should turn off all electronics an hour before going to sleep and never use your bed for work.

“Turn off all media…because it really stimulates your brain,” she said.

The study reminds couples of the consequences of sleep or a lack thereof and the differences between women and men.

{CBS Local NY/ Newscenter}


  1. “The study reminds couples of the consequences of sleep or a lack thereof and the differences between women and men”

    you needed a study to tell us women are difficult and make their husbands suffer with them whereas men take it like a man and keep their problwms to themselves and not make their partner miserable with them.

  2. i think that the key to shalom bayis is making your wife a coffee every morning, serving her breakfast in bed, cook dinner, help her with the laundry, get her a cleaning lady, and of course play bananagrams together.
    if you do all these, i guarantee you all a beautiful marriage

  3. I have had sleep problems for over two years. (Hormonal) I have adapted my work schedule to accommodate it (laundry, paperwork, etc. at odd hours of the night). My husband rises very early for davening, goes to work, comes home, goes and learns till late at night. The candle is burning at both ends, and sometimes “the fuze is very short”. We are not involved in “electronics”.
    What do you prescribe for the men?

  4. #2,

    not quite. If she’s a kvetching nag whos unthankful, due to her lack of sleep,it aint good…. especially if she feels she deserves all this

  5. being a Torah website is dosent “pass” for matzav to have a picture of a man putting a ring and touching a lady’s hand.

  6. To “Quiet” in comment #3.
    If the “fuse is very short”. Perhaps your husband should spend less time learning at night or take a night or two off, and give you time to rest or help you with other chores. perhaps even spend of some time with your children at home? You wont regret spending more time with their children when you think about it.
    Everything in life has its time, and stage. Leaving the home for the whole evening when the wife is feeling pressured with chores and the children are not getting enough time with their father is not a recipe for shalom bayis.

  7. The trouble with these great correlational studies – how do you know it’s not the bad marriage causing the sleep problems and not the other way around?

    Don’t jump to believe every “study” you read. One of my science professors used to say, “Don’t believe anything until you’ve seen it done at least three times.” He wasn’t Jewish, but he sure realized the concept of hazakah.

  8. LeBron….do us all a favor and please take your talents to South Beach. Maybe you will be more productive in your marriage than Lebron was with his attempts to beat Dallas. I sure hope you are joking, because what you said about women was inappropriate.

  9. Keniyn hara, with the large mishpachos in Kllal Yisroel, it’s not shaich to get any normal sleep. By the time my teenagers finally finish all their shticklach, it’s usauly around midnight. At that point wife is burnt out & I’m exsausted. What ever I “attempt” to say is somehow always used against me & back fires. we usauly get around 5.5 – 6 hours of sleep, at best. But B”H there is no better way. We are serving HKB”H! We are happy (generaly)!


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