Stu Loeser, Orthodox Jew, Stepping Down As Bloomberg’s Press Secretary


stu-loeser-bloombergHe became New York City’s longest serving mayoral spokesman and now Stu Loeser is moving on.

Loeser became press secretary in January of 2006.

It can’t have been an easy job managing every public minute of Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s life.

“Without a doubt one of the best jobs in politics,” Loeser told WCBS 880 reporter Alex Silverman on Monday.

Some might call him the mayor’s filter and Bloomberg said Loeser kept him out of more trouble than he got him out of.

“Is it good to lose him? No,” said Bloomberg. “I am not happy that Stu is going off to start a career in the private sector although I’m sympathetic.”

Loeser, a frum Jew, is off to start his own corporate communications company and said his inspiration is the man whose image he’s helped shape these six years.

“He took a dive. He took a took a jump off the high board when he started his company,” Loeser said of Bloomberg and he knows he has a lot to live up to. “Hope that I can be even fractionally as successful.”

“Stu made a big difference in this city,” Bloomberg said with a smile. “But you know, the cemeteries are full of irreplaceable people at the mayor level and at the press secretary level.”

Marc La Vorgna, who joined the mayor’s office in 2008 after stints with the Port Authority, New Jersey Department of Transportation, and Rep. Bill Pascrell, will succeed Loeser.

Source: WCBS 880 AM

{ Newscenter}



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