STRIKE: Frum Owner of Dan’s Deals to Throw Out First Pitch at World Series Game 7 Tonight


On November 2nd, 2008, Daniel Eleff married his wife Mimi in Overland Park, Kansas. They were young and naive at 23 and 21 years old, but they were ready to take on the world and life’s adventures.

Since then, they’ve had two amazing kids who have brightened their lives as they explore the world together. They now reside in Cleveland, Ohio.

Daniel is most famous for running the Dan’s Deals website, but tonight he is going to become famous for another reason, a unique story has learned.

Daniel is an ambitious young man, with a bright mind and a great personality, and he’s put his skills to great use, running a great site and helping people at the same time.

Daniel is the “points” king. He’s gotten tens of thousands of credit card points – the same points he helps his readers access – and they’ve taken him all over the world.

He and his wife have traveled from Argentina to Tasmania. From Banff to Phuket. From Paris to the Whitsunday Islands. From the Maldives to Zurich. From Sydney to Venice. From the spiritual hills of Yerushalayim to the awe inspiring Mauna Kea and Na Pali cliffs.

All in first class.

All on points.

Sometimes it’s been crazy, like when Daniel took advantage of a glitch for free first class tickets to Buenos Aires that required leaving the house in less than an hour. Other times it’s worked out better, like when he used miles to buy out an entire first class cabin to Brazil.

His kids have flown on over 100 flights thanks to the mileage game.

But travel is just one of his passions.

The other big one is sports.

As a 5th generation Clevelander on both his mother’s and father’s sides, Daniel is a die-hard Cleveland sports fan.

As a ‘90s kid, Daniel sent in hundreds of postcards and won tickets to watch the ’95 World Series. Earlier that year, he got nearly whole team’s autograph (Belle and Murray were the holdouts) when he stayed in the Westin Harbour Castle Toronto where the Tribe was staying.

He cried when they lost it in game 7 in 1997 – despite there being no crying in baseball.

Daniel had World Series tickets in 2007 that lay unused thanks to Boston coming back from being down 3-1.

Daniel was there when the Cavs got swept out of the NBA Finals in 2007, though he and his grandfather left a few minutes early when his grandfather told Daniel how his dad and him left just before watching the Giants sweep the Indians in 1954.

Daniel’s zaide went to World Series games in 1948 as a 9-year-old, the last time the Indians won it all. Nobody younger than him can even remember it.

In 2013, Daniel drove with his brother JJ and his grandfather to the NFL, MLB and NBA Hall of Fames and then finished the trip by watching Tito’s Indians beat up on the Red Sox from the front row of the Green Monster.

Enough memories to last a lifetime.

Later that year, Daniel got to steal second base in middle of an Indians game thanks to 25K United miles. It was by far his coolest use of miles ever.

Daniel called to get winning pitcher Justin Masterson’s attention after the game by saying that he had stolen second base from the game. When Masterson looked up and saw the base, he was shocked and exclaimed, “I thought you were kidding. You really do have second base!”

Later that year, Dan watched Salazar try to win the Wild Card game, but the Indians’ bats didn’t show up that night. The Jake was on fire that night; the atmosphere was just like the ’90s again.

In 2014, Daniel took his son to his first ballgame. By 2015, Daniel was already bringing him to Indians away games. At five years old, today, he knows every airplane type and the Indians’ starting lineup. His favorite airplane is the 747 and his favorite Indians player is Jason Kipnis.

In June, Daniel flew to Oakland and finally got to witness a Cleveland team – Lebron’s Cavs – win it all. The nonstop United flights to and from Cleveland that day were like party buses. Daniel went to the parade with his grandfather and his son. Another bucket lister checked off.

But the Tribe was always where his sport’s heart was. When would their turn be?

Earlier this year, Daniel got to play softball in Wrigley Field thanks to Starwood Starpoints. Some people didn’t like that Daniel put on my his hat at a Cubs event. Daniel told them all and wrote online at the time that he was just previewing the 2016 World Series.

Before this World Series, Dan wrote his prediction on the DansDeals Forums.

And here we are, game 7, tonight, Cubs vs. Indians, at Progressive Field.

Daniel is excited beyond anything he can describe in writing.

Why? Well, Daniel won a Starwood auction to throw out a ceremonial first pitch before the game tonight. [See the auction details here.]

You read that correctly.

Daniel will be pitching just before Jim Thome, who has a statue just outside of the ballpark.

It’s a lifelong dream come true for Daniel.

He’ll be throwing out the first pitch at the World Series.

Now, Daniel is no athlete. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

But he can take it. Being a meme doesn’t faze him. Just the experience to be on the field before game 7 in the World Series will be incredible for him. And having his wife by his side on their anniversary only makes it sweeter.

The only way it could possibly get any better for Daniel is if the Indians win it all tonight.

We’ll see what happens.

So Daniel, good luck with the pitch. Be sure to make it a strike.



  1. Oy, aza kavod atzum! What great thing can there be in this world?

    He should be careful that it is not deducted from any olam habo that he may have.

    P.S. You left out that Dan Eleff is a Lubavitcher Hasid!

  2. what is the value of the million plus miles spent on a single toss? Over 20k I read. Wow.
    That is some serious money.

    May Dan and his son know the names of Tanaim and Amaraim like they know the names of airlines and the Indians starting lineup….best of luck man … don’t pull any punches.

  3. I’m sorry but i think this is a terrible idea. The fans passions will be at a fever pitch and whichever team loses, some of their sports crazed fans will say it was due to the “Rabbi” who “cursed” their team! Hashem yerachem- we yidden do not need such a big spotlight.

    Great that he’s a big fan but this is a big mistake….imho

    • Looks like a long winter: Mr Groundhog is terrified of his shadow. H is in charge – Eisav will be sonei es Yaakov no matter what measures we take. Just relax and let Eibishter run his world.

  4. Wow, mamesh a tzaddik. What a great role model. Thank you Matzav for bringing to light these hidden lamed vov Tzaddikem.

  5. What a fantastic ‘role model’ he is to my young Yeshiva going children. Matzav, you should be ashamed of yourself in promoting such “nariskeit”. Your site is so far removed from חינוך ע”פ דרך ישראל סבא it makes my heart cry.


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