Strange Building Near Super Bowl Site A Symbol Of Fumbled Opportunity


met-life-stadiumWhen the world tunes in to the Super Bowl Sunday night, aerial shots of MetLife Stadium in the New Jersey Meadowlands might afford a glimpse of a strangely colored structure the governor once dubbed “the ugliest…building in New Jersey.”

The shell of the former Meadowlands “Xanadu” project stands a Peyton Manning Hail Mary from the field where the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will square off for the Vince Lombardi trophy. First approved in 2003, it has passed through the hands of three developers and been envisioned as everything from a massive water park to a giant shopping mall, complete with an indoor ski slope. For now, it sits unfinished, a garish money pit that has so far sucked up an estimated $3.5 billion.

“The ugliest…building in New Jersey, and maybe America,” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie famously said of the cursed development, with its mismatched tiling of loud, Day-Glo colors and mismatched patterns. Read more at FOX NEWS.

{ Newscenter}


  1. I heard the famed Germasium brothers from Edmonton were planning on building a Mall of America in New Jersey by the Meadowlands. (I know someone personally whose close family member was supposed to work on the project.) It seems from this article that this was the intended site, but that it never came to fruition.

  2. You used an inappropriate metaphor for the distance of that building. Most frum Yidden will not know what a
    “‘H- M- ‘ pass” means. Better to use yards or feet, so all can picture it. (Assuming it really matters)

  3. Add to my comment – my wife also doesn’t know who Peyton Manning is – I guess he’s a football star, no? ???

  4. “a garish money pit that has so far sucked up an estimated $3.5 billion”!!!

    No wonder NJ has the highest taxes in the nation!

  5. “No wonder NJ has the highest taxes in the nation!”

    Except that it doesn’t. According to the Tax Policy Center’s 2011 statistics, the highest state and local taxes per capita were in Alaska, at $10,090. District of Columbia was #2, New York #3, North Dakota #4, Wyoming #5, Connecticut #6, and New Jersey was #7 at $6,025.


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