Stop Mocking Obama


obamaDear Matzav,

Thank you for your service. I have come to rely on the reporting and accuracy of and sincerely appreciate your service.

Of recent, I have come to notice a precedent of mocking articles appearing quite frequently about President Obama. While I am absolutely not a fan, wishing that he and the Democrats all but disappear, I recognize the high office for that which it is.

I am concerned for the overriding derision of an office that should be respected regardless of how respectable or otherwise the occupant is, being conveyed by an Orthodox site.

While criticism is acceptable to an extent, it conveys a demeaning portrayal to ceaselessly tease and degrade the President especially about silly/frivolous things. Save the real criticism for where and when it is due, and vent fully then.

It worries me, that as a public news portal representing Orthodox Judaism, this less than polite , and often silly besmirching misrepresents what should otherwise be reflected upon as a proud, aristocratic, regal site reflecting the essence of our Midos Tovos and Torah true Orthodoxy and its values.

Thank you. Kol Hakovod.

Y. K.


  1. Stop mocking if telling the truth about this black socialist is mocking him keep it up. We need a load and broad opposition to him

  2. Thank you for expressing this issue so well; it is something that has bothered me as well. Matzav, thanks for publishing this post.

  3. When it comes to political discussion and the political arena, Matzav stops following Torah Law and starts following parity for their own coercive affront.

  4. Among the serious problems are the imprisonments and harsh treatments of fellow Jews Sholom Rubashkin and Jonathan Pollard. In both cases, their offenses were minor, yet they are “locked up” for life in Federal penitentiaries.

    Does anyone have contact information for presidential chief of staff Jack Lew? Considering the overriding importance of Pidyon Shvuyim, we should all confront Mr. Lew: Why has he not secured presidential pardons for suffering fellow Jews?

  5. Thank you! I accept! You ARE right! For hundreds of years Yidden ravened for the peace and health of the leaders and land in which they were. THANK YOU!

  6. I couldn’t agree more. Well said. Dignified and purposeful is always the way to go especially when it’s in writing where it can come back to haunt us.

  7. Obama lost all rights to being respected for being president when be attacked his predecessor like no candidate ever did. He continued by spewing hate for an yone who disagreed with him and taught america to hate like never before. No this man deserves to be treated like he treats everyone else. Like garbage.

  8. the truth about him is so shocking that one may think they are mocking him however they are portraying him on a rather fair scale no they are not kissing his feet like cnn, mnsbc, cbs or abc nor are they saying everything about him in the negative like foxnews

  9. You have problems with President Obama?

    I guess you are really opposed to his entitlement programs?

    So I have an idea.

    Let’s start by eliminating Section 8, Food Stamps, HEAT, WIC, and Families First programs

  10. Yes, there needs to be some kavod for his position. For example, reporting about an insect disturbing the president is leitzanus and inappropriate.

  11. Listen Mark Levy From Teaneck, I never said obama wasn’t good as a person, he just can’t run this country. The government programs that he has are GREAT for the people who need them. If a guy worked hard, and his boss fired him, so while he looks for another job, he can get unemployed benefits. But the government should reject benefits for people who purposely quit their jobs and retire, and throw all their responsibilities on the government (Which is what 75% of the people who enjoy these benefits do). That is why we are going further and further in debt. The government should a few more qualifications for their programs.


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