Stirring Hatred: Israeli Media Says Netanyahu’s Matzah Got Trashed Because of Rift with Chareidim


netanyahu-matzohThe matzah baked by Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu at Kfar Chabad on Tuesday was tossed in the trash after his visit. The reason given was strict adherence to halacha, but reports in the Israeli media could not help but make a tumult out of it, connecting the incident to the ongoing crisis between the prime minister and the chareidi community over the recently passed universal conscription law, according to Times of Israel.

With the prime minister’s exclusion of the chareidi parties – his “natural partners” – from the governing coalition early last year, Netanyahu has since been referred to as “the big traitor” and “charedi hunter” within the community, according to the Walla News website.

So when the prime minister’s matzos were thrown out in Kfar Chabad, after he had taken the time to pour water on the dough, flatten it, roll it, etc., the Israeli media pounced on the opportunity to state that it was some small “retribution” for Netanyahu’s policies, according to Times of Israel.

Many view the prime minister’s visit to the bakery as a publicity stunt.

A spokesman for Chabad, however, took issue with the way the events were presented in the media, saying that the reason for throwing out the matzah had nothing to do with Netanyahu.

“At a matzah bakery, there are always matzot that get eliminated for having laid on the table too long, or for other halachic reasons,” said Menachem Brod. “During Netanyahu’s visit, some of the workers left the task of rolling the matzah and gathered around the prime minister. The overseer subsequently ordered those matzah that had been left out to be invalidated. There was no connection to the matzot touched by the prime minister, and any attempt to tie the two things together is an ugly attempt to fan the flames of hatred and division, and Chabad rejects it in disgust,” he added.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. They threw his matzos away because Bibi isn’t frum. If they had any sense, they would have explained to him beforehand that only Shomrei Shabbos are allowed to bake them. Terrible PR

  2. Better to be mevayesh another Jew. Now you know why Moshiach won’t come, it’s because of your kind of sinas chinom. Maybe be mekarev him instead

  3. I believe that no matter what you say, politics and its possibilities will clearly be the consideration in the real society for what might just be the matzos snub of the century.

  4. “During Netanyahu’s visit, some of the workers left the task of rolling the matzah and gathered around the prime minister.” That doesn’t make sense. How were they given permission to leave their work, when everybody knows the stringincies that go into making shmura matzah?

  5. Why does everyone believe motze shem ra? The reason they’re not using the matzah was just because of all Bibi’s personal security when they weren’t able to do proper hashgahah. But people love to make up stories against haredim which lashon haranikess accept blindly.

  6. #3chez18
    It’s your sinas chinom (and your defense of the evil e.g. the media)that’s preventing Moshiach, actually.

  7. Mordy,

    Your self-righteousness is deplorable. How dare you display such hatred at a time when there is so much tzoros amongst klal yisroel. Do you really believe your attitude is what Hashem desires? You need to do a real cheshbon hanefesh?

    Chabad did a kiddush hashem. Kol hakavod to them. They should continue to go from strength to strength.

  8. #3 ches18
    Way off base!
    Why don’t you move to Israel. See how your sons & daughters come out of the (enlightened) chiloni school system, then the army. Try to get a decent job with a yamurka on. Pay 18% more for an apartment, try to get the same municipal services that the ‘beardless’ get.
    Then I want to hear you speak about sinas chinam.
    You’re not stopping Mashiach from coming – you’re just brain dead.

  9. I don’t understand. If they threw it out for halacic reasons, was it done under the camera of channel 2(or whatever tv channel they have in Israel), how in the world did such a thing become public?

  10. #8 and #14 You have decided which yidden frum or not are important to the Ribbono Shel Olam. #14 your last comment is typical of an am haretz .You look down on a man who may not be shomer Shabbos, but at least he would not talk about another yid as you do. There is a reason it says refuas hanefesh before refuas haguf, because of yidden like you.

  11. #11 Michali, How dare you claim that I hate Chabad. Just because I disagree with how they conducted things with Netanyahu doesn’t take away from my admiration of what they do in Kiruv. You have failed in the mitzvah of ‘havei dan et kol ha’adam lkaf zchut,’ judging other people favorably. Look what throwing away Netanyahu’s matzah caused. It was a field day for the secular media who connected it with the recent chareidi draft. There should have been a better way to deal with this, and that is all I was saying.

  12. What’s the surprise? Naturally, they threw away the matzot for halachic reasons and, of course, the MEDIA uses it immediately for political purposes. Their sinah for chareidim and the religious, in general, is notorious and every opportunity to besmirch is taken advantage of. This is just what is to be expected of the Torah hating media.


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