Steinitz: ‘Significant Likelihood’ That Israel Retakes Gaza


 yuval-steinitzThere is “a significant likelihood” that the current Israel Defense Forces ground operation “will end with Israel retaking full control over Gaza,” Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said.

Steinitz explained that the decision was based on the assessment that Hamas was not ready for a cease-fire. The Israeli Diplomatic-Security Cabinet unanimously approved an expansion of the ground incursion based on the understanding that Hamas’s terror tunnels in Gaza pose no less of a threat to Israel than the incessant rocket fire, according to Israel Hayom.

“Operation Protective Edge will continue as long as necessary, until calm and security are restored,” Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said.

More than 100 rockets were fired at Israel from over the weekend.


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  1. Wouldn’t it actually be good if Israel assumes full control of Gaza permanently now? Maybe the palestinians can either move away or learn to live under the flag of Israel. Ultimately, this is jewish land. It is of our forefathers and ancestors.

    Clearly we have horrible experiences, but Torah is always a furthering of one’s own ideals.

    This looks like those who are losing their lives in this war against hate will be remembered and our intercession for better merit will be long lasting and long standing.

    Let the future come to the Israel Middle East. There is no future in arrogance and hate from a creepy side walking enemy who has no favor in even the idea that you have lungs to breath. Disgusting arrows are pointed at Jacob and Jacob just sits down and limits his voice to the wicked. A smart measure.

  2. To the PM of Israel, a program which you might consider:
    1- Mile by Mile, from the air only, mow the grass in ‘Aza.
    2- Evacuate ‘Aza, setting quotas for each Moslem nation to take in its brethren, and deadlines (no pun intended);
    3 – After ‘Aza is completely evacuated, keep it untouched per halacha of shmitta;
    4 – After conclusion of shmitta, equitably restore the land to the Jews whom your friend Sharon evicted, humiliated and impoverished.
    5- Always wear a kippah in public.
    6- Learn one hour a day in yeshiva.
    7 – Always mention our Shomer, Hashem, when you talk to the world.
    BTW – they are not Palestinians; trespassers, squatters, carpet-baggers – yes. but not Pilishtim

  3. Yes, finally, someone talking sensibly…..I have been commenting (please refer to my previous comments) that we should re-take Gaza! We never should have given it to them in the first place! Hashem gives a gift & we gave it away; shame on us!!! Hamas has PROVEN to us & to the world that they are using that land as a strategic vantage point from which to terrorize us & attempt to destroy us! We should take them out, dead or alive, retake the land, daven hard, & increase our Torah & mitzvos, and our achdus!!! All of these things should be done simultaneously & in conjunction with each other, by All Jews of every stripe & color in his /her own way, throughout the world!!

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