Stay Inside: Heat Wave Kills 17 In Quebec


A heatwave in Quebec has killed at least 17 people in the past week as high summer temperatures scorched eastern Canada, health officials said Wednesday.

Twelve of the dead were reported in Montreal, the eastern province’s largest city, said regional public health director Mylene Drouin. The Tribune newspaper said five of the deaths occurred in the past 48 hours in the Eastern Townships, a rural area just east of the city.

Quebec is particularly vulnerable to heat waves, with its high percentage of elderly citizens. In 2010, a similar scorcher was estimated to have taken the lives of 100 people in the region.

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  1. Why did you insert, “stay inside” to the title? That’s not necessarily good advice. What happens when you leave a child in a closed vehicle? If someone, especially an older person, stays indoors without air conditioning, that is more dangerous than standing outdoors.

  2. According to an electrician from Montreal, the weather there doesn’t justify installing central a/c, and possibly individual units as well. He said he rarely installed any since the number of seriously uncomfortable were too low. However, in the ensuing years, that’s probably changed, since it seems to have gotten hotter over time, and we are just less equipped to handle discomforts than in the past. Compare that to Toronto, Canada, where the summers are miserably hot and humid, for around three months.

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