Statue Of Liberty Evacuated After Trump Protester Climbs Lady Liberty


U.S. Parks Police evacuated Liberty Island of tourists after a woman climbed to the base of the statue.

She appeared to be moving occasionally and waving a t-shirt at times. At other times she was seen lying on her stomach and kicking her feet up behind her.

After more than two hours, police apprehended the woman who climbed the Statue of Liberty holding a t-shirt that says ‘Rise and Resist’ and ‘Trump Care Makes Us Sick.’ Read more.







  1. Why did they have to evacuate the island? There was no reason to believe that she would blow up or shoot up the place.

  2. Does Judaism pronounce this statue an idol? It allegedly represents a Roman goddess of liberty! It gives me the creeps that an immense graven image is so revered by this nation.

  3. Where were these nutcases when that illegally CIA-installed traitor was the 44th President? Oh, I forgot. Although he was completely incompetent and was only out to destroy America, he was black and Muslim and nobody would start up with him lest he’d be called ‘racist’.


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