Statement Read at the Conclusion of the Atzeres Tefillah


zweibelKlal Yisroel has no treasure greater than the Holy Torah, no calling greater than the study of Torah, no asset more precious than those who devote themselves to learning and growing in Torah.

B’siyata diShmaya, we have been privileged in recent years to witness the flourishing of Torah study across the globe, and especially in Eretz Yisroel. In the aftermath of the destruction of European Jewry 70 years ago, when so many predicted the demise of Torah-true Judaism, we take pride and solace in this open manifestation of the Yad Hashem.

Now, however, a new law is proposed in Israel that is designed to severely limit the growth of Torah in the Holy Land. It would not only abandon Israel’s longstanding exemption of full-time yeshiva students from military service, it would expose bnei Torah who refuse to be conscripted into the military to potential criminal sanction. This development in the Eretz Hakodesh is both deeply dismaying and profoundly shocking, an affront to the world Jewish community and to the honor of Hashem’s Name.

We join with the hundreds of thousands of Jews who gathered in the streets of Yerushalayim last week to pour out their hearts in tefillah, and to express their anguish and protest regarding this proposed new law.

This is our message to our dear brethren in Eretz Yisroel: Know that the Torah community in America stands with you in this difficult moment of challenge!

May He who is Melamed Torah le’amo Yisroel have mercy on Klal Yisroel and usher in the time when we witness the fulfillment of Yeshayahu Hanovi’s prophecy: “Vechol bonayich limudei Hashem verav shelom bonayich – And all your children will be students of Hashem, and your children will have peace.”

The statement was read by Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel.

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  1. It doesn’t say who authored it! It’s too good not to have been him!
    May haShem bless our efforts and allow us to continue to serve in ‘His’ military uninterrupted.

  2. From start to finish the Asifa was an amazing display of Achdus. What a great way it was to be mispallel for Acheinu Bnie Yisroel. I know many davened for cholim, people going through personal tzar, parnassa etc. I had in mind also for those that are by free will serving in the IDF and in harms way.

  3. I am outraged that Jews are arresting Jews and throwing them in jail for being Jewish

    I am outraged at the heavy-handed government tactics targeting a specific segment of the population to forcibly conscript into an Army which is not exactly the holiest entity in Israel

    I am outraged at a policy where specific individuals are being barred from learning Torah full time and are being thrown into jail like common criminals for learning Torah full time

    Is there that much of a shortage of military personnel in Israel? The threat from Iran does not require a massive buildup of ground troops to the point where full-time Torah learning becomes a jailable offense.

    This policy is a la the Liberals in this country: They see something they perceive is unequal or an injustice and will do what they can to incorporate heavy-handed government tactics — in the name of equality and justice (as they perceive it) of course — to impose their will on the particular segment of the people they disagree with.

    This madness will never cultivate unity within the Jewish people!


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