State Wants 2-Year-Old To ‘Repeat Bris Milah’


bris-milahIsrael’s Interior Ministry is refusing to recognize a woman and her toddler son as Jewish and is demanding that in addition to a full conversion, the two-year-old must undergo a “repeat circumcision.”

The woman converted to Judaism in the past in one of the world’s most prestigious ultra-Orthodox courts, and has already been recognized as Jewish by the Chief Rabbinate.

The Interior Ministry is insisting that the two repeat the conversion process, arguing that the woman chose to turn to a private court rather than to the national conversion system. The boy will be required to undergo “hatafas dam bris” (to have a drop of blood extracted from the makom hamilah) and the woman will be required to be toivel.

On Tuesday, the High Court of Justice was to discuss a petition filed by the Itim association, which is helping the family in its battle for recognition. The family’s representatives, attorneys Prof. Aviad Hacohen and Elad Kaplan, point to the fact that one of the State’s arms, the Chief Rabbinate, confirms the conversion under its exclusive authority, while the other arm, the Interior Ministry, rejects the conversion without any authority. Read more here.

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  1. You neglect to mention that the Beis Din which converted her was that of Rav Nissim Karelitz.
    Rav Karelitz is one of the greatest Gedolim in Israel today. His standards for acepting a Ger are 10 times better that that of the Rabbanut.

  2. This is the Israeli government trying to hurt frum, ehrlicher rabbonim – and they don’t stop at hurting a 2 year old child who is clearly a ger kahalacha (making a hatafas dam not only not needed but cruel, as any hurting without significance or reason is).

  3. this sounds like the inept israeli government trying new ways to usurp power from the Frum

    here is the future if this goes on
    the israel government calls someone a jew and the opposite happens the Frum put into question the status of this “jew”
    BUT israel is able to belittle and arm twist anyone who says otherwise (even take them to court)

    So now who do you want the model of Gerrim based on

  4. #6, rishus got it right. This is a spiteful and evil ruling by a ‘gov’t ministry to show the religious in Israel that they are no longer in control of anything and that these idiots are the ones in control, i.e., the ministries and the supreme court and their hatred to anything Jewish. This proves how obvious they are in trying to deJudaize Israel. Hopefully, this will soon be the end to their mischief; their battle is against H’ and that is why all Torah Jews must unite with one voice because if there is no unity, we might not, c’v, get the help from Above.


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