State Dept. Knew of Syria Photos in November


syriaWhile much of the world has been shocked by a trove of photographs purported to document torture and executions by the Syrian government, a new report suggests President Obama and the State Department knew about the documentation back in November.

While the administration confirms that it believes the photos are genuine, and has since heightened its rhetoric about President Bashar al-Assad, the photos do not seem to have altered the administration’s policies and actions toward the Syrian regime.

Essentially, the documentation, which press secretary Jay Carney describes as suggesting ” widespread and apparently systematic violations of international human law,” will not push the U.S. to switch from pushing for political settlement rather than military action. Read more at The New York Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. You can’t fight a war and send American soldiers into harm’s way unless you know you have a stable government behind you. Not one that shuts the government down and sequesters funds, not one that panics the world with debt ceiling threats. If Congress had been acting responsibly we could have gone into Syria in November and put an end to this, and the threat it poses to Israel. Instead, we had a bunch of grandstanding politicians looking for photo-ops and campaign points instead of backing the President and the military. War is not a videogame – it has to be conducted whole-heartedly or not at all. A responsible Republican Party throwing the Teabaggers out in November would go a long way towards getting our foreign policy back on track.


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