State Department: Yerushalayim Is Israel’s Capital, But Not In Passports Yet


After United States President Donald Trump recognized Yerushalayim as the capital of Israel last week, US consular services planned no change to their protocol listing Yerushalayim as unaffiliated with any country in American passports.

A State Department official told reporters on Friday that while the US recognizes the Israeli capital, the decision would not spell any changes to consular practices or visa issuances, and does not necessarily mean that Yerushalayim is seen as being within the Jewish state. Read more at JPOST.





  1. That’s because the anti-Semites in the State Dept are not in agreement with the President’s decision of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital. Hopefully the President will take care of this too.

  2. Unfortunately Obama’s holdovers in the State Department are continuing his policies. They’re part of the “deep state”,the entrenched government employees who influence state policy without regard for the democratically elected leadership.

  3. Kafkaesque bureaucratic nonsense. Why didn’t Trump fire the decades old Clinton/Bush/Obama holdovers? They’ll sabotage Trump’s agenda every time.

  4. The US Consulate in Yerushalayim is protected by arabs who seem pretty eager to sow harm on every yid there… I hate visiting there… Maybe Trump could hire an Israeli security team? Or at least US contractors..


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