State Department On Gaza Attacks: ‘We Stand With Israel’


As the latest attacks against Israel from Hamas have taken place in Gaza, the U.S. State Department condemned the terrorist group and reaffirmed that Israel has the right to defend itself.

“We are aware of reports of ongoing rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza against targets in Israel,” a State Department official told JNS on Monday. “We condemn these attacks and call for their immediate halt. We stand with Israel as it defends itself against these attacks.”

According to the Israeli Defense Forces, at least 300 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip at southern Israel on Monday amid renewed tensions following the death of an Israeli special-forces soldier earlier in the day, with the Iron Dome missile-defense system intercepting dozens of them, while others have struck Israeli homes and buildings near the border, or have landed in open areas.

In response, the IDF said it has hit 20-plus Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza, including terror compounds, observation posts and rocket-launching squads.

The IDF also destroyed Hamas’ main TV channel, Al-Aqsa TV.

“Terrorists in Gaza are again attacking Israel with tools of war,” tweeted Jason Greenblatt, the Trump administration’s Special Representative for International Negotiations. “These rocket & mortar attacks on Israeli towns must be condemned by all. Israel is forced once again into military action to defend its citizens. We stand with Israel as it defends itself against these attacks.”

He continued, saying “Hamas’ activities continue to prove they don’t really care about the Palestinians of Gaza & their only interest is to use them for political purposes. Even Palestinian lives seem not to matter to Hamas.”

“The world has grown tired of Hamas’ violence and the violence of other bad actors in Gaza,” he added. “This violence prevents any real help for the people of Gaza.” JNS.ORG

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  1. This is a lie put out by the Republicans. We have now taken over the majority and we will finally put apartheid Israel in their place. Trump should resign. No more money will be sent to those aggressors. I’ve spoken to my dear friend Kristen Gillibrand and she promised me the Senate will do the same.

  2. I don’t know if that post really was from Jerrold or someone was mocking him. I hope that’s not really his feelings on the issue. (As much as he may be a backstabbing supporter of the Iran deal)
    Anyone observing objectively cab plainly see that Israel hasn’t fired a single rocket, sent an incendiary balloon or planted bombs targeting civilians in Gaza. We live with this terror every day. 18 year old heroes support our borders, terrified of an appropriately edited film showing them commiting “war crimes”. Children can’t sleep through the sirens and explosions that fill the night. We live behind fences to keep terrorists from slaughtering our families. Who is the aggressors? Shame on anyone who believes Israel to be the aggressor.

    • Why didn’t you speak up when John Kerry and Susan Rice were making such accusations?
      P.S. I’ll assume good old Jerry didn’t say that although he is probably thinking that.


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