State Democratic Convention Agenda: “Kick Felder Out of Party & Back Primary Challenger Against Felder”


The Dems have declared an all out war on NY State Senator Simcha Felder.

An excerpt from Zack Fink’s Spectrum NY1 News report on recently leaked documents reads, “There are often a number resolutions that are considered at the convention, and here is one that jumped right out. Check out the 4th one down. It says ‘Removal of Senator Simcha Felder from the Democratic Party.’ There is also a resolution urging the party to support Felder’s primary opponent. Highlighted below in red.”

Carl Campanille at the NY Post reported, “The state Democratic Party will likely pass a resolution at its convention to support a primary against rogue Brooklyn Democratic state Sen. Simcha Felder, who caucuses with the Republicans and whose vote is the only reason the GOP controls the chamber.

The party is also expected to consider another resolution that would seek to throw Felder out of the party.

The resolutions were included in leaked documents obtained by The Post in preparation of the party convention on May 23-24. Democratic Party executive director Geoff Berman confirmed that both resolutions are on the agenda, but declined to predict how the 400 delegates would vote.”


  1. My question is why he needs the “Democratic” party. He should switch over to the Republican party. That could be a start to a Republican presence in NY City.

  2. Exactly what the Republican party should do with their throng of RINOs – kick them out because they’re anti Republicans, anti Americans and anti America’s Greatest President and belong in the Democrat Swamp.

  3. And how do they plan on doing that? Sending a goy to a overwhelmingly Orthodox Jewish neighborhood to run against Simcha?! Sure, that makes a lot of sense. The Democrats are not only evil & wicked. They are so STUPID & DUMB!!!

  4. While the Democrats want Senator Felder out because he’s not corrupt enough,
    there’s a poll out for Senator McCain to “leave office now” because he’s too corrupt “instead of trying to hang on to his power and influence from his deathbed when it is clear he is no longer of sound mind and body.”
    “The citizens of Arizona, and all of America, deserve to have capable representatives who are of sound mind and body and able to focus their time and energy on matters of national importance.”
    “If McCain does not officially retire soon, he will be remembered as a man who clung to power until his last moments in life instead of doing the right thing for his constituents and the nation.”

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