Starbucks CEO Meets With Two Black Men Who Were Arrested At Philadelphia Store


The chief executive of Starbucks has personally apologized to two black men who were arrested while waiting at one of the coffee chain’s stores last week, an incident that triggered heated protests and calls for a boycott.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson apologized in a private meeting with the two men Monday, a company spokeswoman confirmed to The Washington Post. The spokeswoman, Jamie Riley, did not provide any additional details.

Johnson, who rushed from Seattle to Philadelphia over the weekend as the backlash erupted, also met with Philadelphia’s mayor and police commissioner.

The chief executive has called for “unconscious bias” training for Starbucks store managers and publicly apologized for what he called “reprehensible” circumstances that led to the arrest of the two men at a store in Philadelphia’s Center City district Thursday.

“I will fix this,” Johnson said in a video message.

Separately, he told “Good Morning America” that “what happened to those two gentlemen was wrong” and said the company was reviewing the actions of the store manager who had called police.

“My responsibility is to look not only to that individual but look more broadly at the circumstances that set that up just to ensure that never happens again,” Johnson said Monday.

Starbucks said later that the manager “is no longer at that store.”

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  1. Kevin Johnson is such an idiot. What a total sell-out. Why is he acting in such a loser way. Is he that scared of his friends on the left? Is he that scared of Al Sharpton? Is he that scared of Wolf Blitzer? Eric Holder? Adam Schiff? Johnson sounds like a carbon copy of Jeff Sessions. His apology tour is disgraceful. I hope he gets fired.

  2. it could of been YOU arrested for being Jewish !!!! it is no different. these black customers did absolutely nothing wrong to deserve to be arested.. other than they’re skin is black. they are respected businessmen – real estate developers. try going to the deep south with your peias and tzisis hanging out. it can happen to you… too..,.. remember that Jews were very comfortable in Germany…. what happened to them? it starts with blacks and ends with Jews.. yes right here in the USA.. stop being total fools… this from a super conservative !!!!!!!!

    • Stop race baiting. They were trespassing. Also, I’ve been to the south with my tzitzis out and wearing a yarmulke, and never have I met more friendly, kind people.

  3. RE: Super Conservative: Actually, they were arrested for trespassing. They were asked to leave, respectfully, when they became rowdy after not being allowed to use the restroom facilities.

    A statement from the Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross on Saturday defended the actions of his officers who he maintained “did absolutely nothing wrong.” In a Facebook video he posted, Ross said the department received a call that the men were “trespassing.” After officers arrived, he said an employee told them that the men came into the cafe and wanted to use the bathroom but were not allowed to do so because they hadn’t bought anything, which Ross said is against company policy. He said the men were asked to leave three times but refused. (Fox News)

    So, were they arrested for being black? I think not.

  4. The bigger picture that no one is addressing here, is the lack of public bathrooms. I don’t know about other cities but in NYC there are no public toilets. How is anybody (forget the homeless for a minute) supposed to spend a day visiting, shopping, relaxing, paying taxes, etc… without access to a bathroom?! God created us human where one has to relieve himself/herself at least a few times a day. What about someone who drives a car service/taxi for a living? What does our local government expect? We should hold it in? Do it in the bushes and get arrested? I know all the fake excuses they give. People will be molested, robbed, beaten, etc…if they allow public access bathrooms. They leave the individual with no other choice but to enter a store/establishment to ask to use their bathroom. That’s not right. Why should the store have to deal with strangers entering their store? It’s not their responsibility.
    There is no reason why the City can’t maintain public bathrooms. Yes it costs money to clean and maintain. We pay enough taxes already! Let US benefit from those taxes! Make it gender neutral. Fine. I don’t care. But give us taxpayers free public bathrooms so we can do our thing with dignity.

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