Star-K Interactive Mikvah-nar to Address Worldwide Questions about Hilchos Mikvah


mikvahOn Wednesday, February 22, at 8 p.m., Star-K plans to make history by hosting the world’s first “Mikvah-nar.” Star-K’s rabbinic administrator, Rav Moshe Heinemann, who has always been on the cutting edge of the juxtaposition of advanced technology and halacha, will address questions that arise during mikvah construction and maintenance through an interactive presentation. Participants around the globe will be able to experience a live workshop through the use of audio, video and pictures.

In September, Star-K hosted the world’s first Eruv-inar, which similarly allowed participants in the United States and abroad to benefit from Rav Heinemann’s expertise in hilchos eruv, as he answered questions regarding pre-submitted pictures of eruvim in different communities.

Rabbonim and mikvah overseers can register by sending Star-K an email at with their name, capacity in which they serve the mikvah, and location of the mikvah. If you have a shailah regarding your mikvah, forward pictures of it, along with a note detailing the question, to the same address before the scheduled February 22nd webinar.

The Mikvah-nar  is just one in a series of webinars that Star-K has been presenting monthly since 2006 on a wide-range of topics such as, Buying Kosher Foods at Non-Kosher Stores, S’chach Mats, Kosher Travel, Pesach, Women in the Kosher Kitchen, Raisins, Vegetable Checking, Liquor, Shechitah, Fish Worms, Laws of Kiddush, Laws of Shaimos, Candy, Coffee, Shmittah, Pruzbul, Sabbath Mode Appliances, as well as a wide range of discussions about the latest kashrus issues. Currently, Star-K’s library has 50 webinars. Replays and signup info are available at

“Star-K has always invested a tremendous amount of its energy and resources into education, both in kashrus and other Torah areas,” says Star-K kashrus administrator and educational program director Rabbi Zvi Goldberg. “This series of Mikvah-nars is yet another area where we can benefit the Torah community, using modern technology to our advantage.”

To be alerted about Star-K webinars, see a replay of the Mikvah-nars when they are posted, or receive other Star-K information, sign up for Star-K alerts at

{By Margie Pensak}

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