Star-K Certification Will Host Mashgicha Enrichment Program this Fall


star-kRecently, Star-K Certification held its Eighth annual Kashrus Training Seminar for men. The successful program is limited to 25 men–Kollel members studying Yoreh Deah, as well as those in pursuit of a professional career in kosher supervision and those presently in the field who wish to fine tune their skills. Women mashgichos, who work for various kashrus agencies, feel that it is just as important for a similar, separate opportunity to enhance the skills they have practiced in the field for decades. To accommodate these mashgichos, Star-K Certification has recently announced its plan to hold its second for-women-only program to enhance Kashrus awareness for mashgichos, this coming fall.

Star-K’s first Mashgicha Enrichment Program, held in November, 2009, attracted veteran mashgichos from around the U.S. and as far away as Israel.  It was so successful that Star-K is planning its second all-women conference to be held Nov 14-15, 2011.  The two-day program will be held at its Baltimore headquarters and is open to a limited number of women who are currently employed as mashgichos worldwide. Featured topics will include: Determining acceptability of products; understanding the dynamics of kashrus in America; setting up a kosher kitchen; shul kitchen guidelines; taking challah: effective vegetable checking for infestation; and, challenges in the workplace, including establishing control in the kitchen. This intensive seminar draws on the vast experience and expertise of the world renowned Star-K staff, and will be divided into comprehensive sessions and local visitation.

The sessions will be led by Star-K’s Rabbinic Administrator, Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, Star-K President, Dr. Avrom Pollak, and Star-K Kashrus Administrators. A question and answer “Ask the Rabbis” panel will round off the seminar. Field visits to a restaurant, bakery, and hotel will complete this virtual experience. The concept of having women mashgichos may be foreign to some, however, according to Rabbi Heinemann, “There is no question that a woman can be trusted with kashrus. In fact, Rav Moshe Feinstein, zt”l, unequivocally asserted as much in a responsa he wrote in his famous sefer, “Igros Moshe” (Yoreh Deah, Chelek II, Siman 44-45), affirming the credibility of mashgichos. Also, Rav Moshe contends that really it is not the mashgiach or mashgicha who is in charge, but rather, he or she is the eyes and ears of the Rav Hamachsher who is really in charge.”

For further information on the Star-K Kashrus Mashgicha Conference, or to register, email or contact Rabbi Zvi Goldberg, (410) 484-4110, extension 219.

{By Margie Pensak/Noam Newscenter}


  1. if you trust your sister/ and your mother/ your wife in your kithen which most do then why are mashgichos any worse? actually i would trust a mashgicha more then my own husband/brother in my kitchen

  2. #3 – if you don’t trust your husband, and it doesn’t matter where- kitchen or any other place or with any other matter, then I am aftraid you and your husband better seek some guidance and perhaps help too before its too late.Just trying to help you.

  3. A woman in her own kitchen buys her own food and does her own cooking / baking. A Mashgiach in a food product factory has to supervise so much more and deal with so many more complicated issues. I would rather have a Mashgiach who is a Rov.


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