STANDING STRONG: President Trump: “The United States Will Not Be A Migrant Camp…”


President Trump yesterday on immigration: “The United States will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility. It won’t be.” He also says, “We want safety and we want security for our country. If the Democrats would sit down, instead of obstructing, we could have something done very quickly. Good for the children. Good for the country. Good for the world.”



  1. “Standing Strong?” Maybe it’s time for Matzav to change its tagline from “the Jewish world at your fingertips” to “the Hannity world at your fingertips”. Very sad to see Yiddishkeit replaced with Limbaugh-keit, sad to see Da’as Torah replaced with Da’as Hannity.
    Trump has done great things. It doesn’t mean that everything he does is great. And the fact that the left long Fake news let Obama get away with something doesn’t make it right when Trump does it.

  2. MosheDuvid, you are so right. The Reform and Conservative Jews have traded on their religion for Leftism, and unfortunately, it seems like some of brothers (including the editors of this very website) have traded on their religion for Trumpism

  3. Yes my friends, standing strong. Not giving in to the wave of the progressive left, that control the minds and morals (or lack thereof) of the fools who buy into mainstream media. This whole story is a farce from beginning to end. Abortion – that’s fine. There’s nothing immoral about that. If they incarcerate criminals and separate the children from the parents – well, nothing wrong there. Everybody understands that. No one says adults with children shouldn’t go to jail. It’s only when it comes to allowing people who the democrats believe will vote for them – that’s when if you don’t let them in it’s immoral and cruel and inhumane. They’re just a bunch of conniving treasonous wretches who try to push their agenda by any means possible, regardless of the effect on the country.
    So, yes, the president is standing strong, and Hashem should give him the koach to withstand these reshaim.

  4. @Seichal yashar. How about a little Hannity detox? Try to spend the next few weeks or months without listening to any talk radio. No Hannity, no Rush (and for sure no CNN, NBC, NPR, etc). There is no way you can claim that you have Seichal Yashar when you are getting a daily feed of Hannity-Limbaugh. Turn off the radio, open up a sefer.
    Don’t worry, after a weeks without Hannity you won’t become a leftist. You will reclaim your own brain, and will be able to recognize those times when Trump or the GOP is wrong (you may even recognize the times when the left is right, if it were ever to happen).


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