The Matzav Shmoooze: Standing for Torah – Silently


Dear Editor,

The past few days have seen an outpouring of hate toward bnei Torah and a particular community of bnei Torah. It was an avalanche.

Those who have long disliked bnei Torah jumped on an opportunity to paint the Torah community in a negative light. It was – and is – a churban.

Virtually every website that deals with Jewish news, including frum outlets and especially those who always seek to demonize us, joined the anti-Torah barrage. The blogosphere was on fire, as comment after comment expressing hatred for bnei Torah, yeshivos, kollelim and anything related to the fasting growing Torah community in America was posted.

The chillul Sheim Shomayim was and is enormous. There’s no way to truly understand at this point how much damage was done.

But amidst the fray, almost conspicuously, I noticed one website that didn’t fall into the trap.

Which website?


You stood by silently.

You didn’t provide propaganda that could lead to anti-Torah comments or that could be used by others who hate the Torah community.

Chazak v’ematz.

At least there are still some people remaining who actually care about the way the Torah community is portrayed.

You don’t have to print this letter, but if you do, please leave off my name.


K. L.

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