STANDING FOR LIFE: Trump Rips New York Abortion Law At State Of The Union


President Trump rebukes comments made by Virginia Gov. Northam, New York’s late-term abortion legislation during his State of the Union address.



  1. Was definitely one of the highlights of his great speech
    Kol Hakovod
    Standing up for what’s right even if it may not be in the vouge by the modern low-lifes

  2. Look at the disgusting nauseating laughter of Chuck Schumer, when the President is talking about the late term killing of babies sanctioned in the new NYS law.

    How can a human being laugh at such a moment?

  3. Perhaps, some Democrats will soon advocate for, and allow postnatal abortions, as well as late life abortions, termed euthanasia, elsewhere.

  4. I wonder how many pro baby killing people have thought about what would have happened to them if their mothers had had abortions…as long as it’s someone else, it’s fine..if their wife was carrying a baby, and someone went and “aborted” it, would they not feel as if their child died?

    There is so much skewed moralism… murder becomes a “right to decide what happens in my body”, because a life happens to be located in another’s body…maybe if one owns a home, he can decide to kill whomever is in it, because it’s “my home”?

    It boils down to the detachment of the act…on a base level, even if the tzelem elokim of a person is ravaged beyond recognition, people don’t murder…partially because of the feedback of seeing a fellow human die, a life with which he relates, and a fear of reprisal should he fail. None of this applies when one kills someone without advocates, who you do not see, who you will not bury… there is a deep reason why godless abortion activists have succeeded…they are appealing to the very lowest rung of the human experience, to a point where there is no difference between such a person and an animal.

    • If a woman is considering an abortion without serious reasons (else, it is a whole different matter and it may be muttar, but it’s not our place to discuss details we don’t even know) would you consider such a woman fit to be a mother? Fit to raise your child?

  5. Sad, that all the white-clothed Democratic congresswoman are so pro-abortion when the most common reason for abortion worldwide is because the baby is female!!!


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