St. Paul Cop: ‘Run Over’ Black Lives Matter Protesters


A member of the group Black Lives Matter sits in the road to block traffic so protesters could pass through an intersection during a march on city hall in Minneapolis, Minnesota November 24, 2015. Police are searching for three white men in connection with the shooting of five people near a Minneapolis police station where demonstrators have gathered for more than a week to protest the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man Jamar Clark by police on November 15.A St. Paul, Minnesota, police officer has been placed on leave after he allegedly encouraged people on a Facebook page to run over Black Lives Matter protesters.

Sgt. Jeffrey M. Rotheker wrote “run them over” this weekend, in response to an article about upcoming Martin Luther King Day protests by black activists threatening to shut down roadways.

Rotheker also provided detailed information on how he said citizens could avoid being charged with a crime after striking someone with their vehicle. Read more at

{CB Newscenter}


  1. The people are getting fed up that law enforcement is doing NOTHING to curb these dangerous radicals, so it is leading to citizens taking the law into their own hands.

  2. What is one supposed to do when surrounded by a rioting mob, escape routes blocked on purpose?! Wait to be lynched, or run them over and escape?


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