Spying On Kerry? Report: Israel Intercepted Calls During Peace Talks


john-kerryIsrael’s intelligence service intercepted Secretary of State John Kerry’s phone calls during 2013 Middle East peace negotiations, according to the German publication Der Spiegel.

The reported allegations are being made during a difficult time between the United States and Israel, with Kerry being accused of favoring Hamas in recent negotiations to end a 27-day conflict between Israel and the Palestinian-backed Islamic terror group.

In addition, Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu reportedly was upset with the White House recently for trying to force a temporary cease-fire between the sides.

And on Sunday, the State Department issued a statement critical of an Israel missile attack in the Hamas-occupied Gaza strip that apparently struck a humanitarian facility sheltering 3,000 people displaced from the conflict.

Agency spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the United States was “appalled” by the attack Sunday, which purportedly killing 10 Palestinian civilians.

The agency did not respond to a request to verify the alleged eavesdropping on Kerry.

Kerry reportedly used encrypted and non-secured phone lines during the talks. And the signals were intercepted when being transmitted unencrypted via satellite, the publication reports.

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  1. Like, hello! Every Country, including the Unites States of America, wire taps/listens in to other Country’s whenever they get a chance. This accusation is so silly. What do you think the NSA is all about?


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